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New IT department ruling

So, I feel pretty strongly about this recent decision by Lukas, the link is in the previous IT thread, and on reddit, and I’m lazy, but it basically complicates the way we are supposed to interpret the rules, and makes me actually restless about the whole thing.
I literally cannot sleep until I complain to my hearts content.

Anyone with me?

Nah. The design team has got multiple pressures to deal with and I don’t think lucas’s ruling actually changes what he and his team wanted the card to do, just our interpretation.

Usually they limit the use of a card with a click cost or a trash cost, but that’s obviously silly with a card that increases ice strength repeatedly, a card they wanted to design. Would you want two lines of text describing you can do it only once per ice per turn?

On the one hand they want cool cards, on the other hand they want mostly cards where you can glance at the sentence and get what the card does, with maybe a couple exceptions for cards that do something particulary awesome for the player who’s into that.

And yes, that’ll leave some room for discussion about what a card does and that isn’t ideal, but then it’s not easy to get it “right” either.


So, instead of posting your complaint on his ruling in the thread discussing IT Department that already exists… you created an entirely new thread… just to complain about it.


Lukas’s ruling on Twitter:

Yeah, I was pretty upset actually haha. I’m more or less over it. I posted so much in that thread, and I figured it wouldn’t get 100 new posts overnight haha.

Hooray, its not terrible anymore!

Use the previous topic for this please. This topic is now closed. New replies are no longer allowed.