New Netrunner Spin Cycle Spoilers

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This seems extremely difficult to evaluate

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Yeah, truly the most bizarre spoilers we have seen yet.

I really enjoy that Anarchs get a theme that isn’t viruses. Also happy that Anarch finally gets an identity with a base link.

EDIT: Also a really big fan of Reina. I think she has actual potential to build decks that are really different than Noise.

I agree, Reina is my favorite runner seen thusfar.

I like that it’s continued to move in new unique directions. Thus far, you can loosely classify every runner as being either aggro or durdle - now we have reina whose identity incentivizes a hybridized attack.

I also just noticed that pawn is a 1 influence, zero MU, zero credit program. You could use this as a draw engine in an exile deck.

i think Reina will be a very good at being super agressive. Much like Andromeda is now.

I like cards that disrupt the normal play of the game, and force the opponent to think on their feet. A more subtle example is the way Stronger Together throws off people’s pre-conceptions about what ice is easy/hard, what it costs to get through common ice with your favorite breakers.

I also liked that they’re taking some directions away from the basis of the original game and being creative.

However, I also felt after first reading these that the new chess programs felt somewhat gimmicky, and it’ll be hard to balance them so that they’re good enough to use without being “too” good. Time will tell, I guess.

winners : midori/xanadu + rook.

losers: whizzard/spinal modem.

any theories on what sundew does ?

This seems pretty accurate. Midori is actually back breaking for the chess programs.

No idea what Sundew does besides seeming to trigger when the Runner spends a click.

Anarchs playing chess seems odd to me.

reina roja translates to the “red queen”, it seems she’s sort of revolutionary or freedom fighter…think like che guevara so it makes sense to me.

there will also probably be gambits, sacrifices, end games, check and check mates which might blow stuff up and cause havoc like viruses do.

I think some people are thinking about full Caissa runner decks (without icebreakers) but I doubt that’ll ever be possible. Anybody care to do a little theorycrafting on each card’s specific uses?

Pawn seems iffy, essentially saving you an install click and (at the moment) up to 2 credits as long as the timing of the install fits your plan. Thinking a little outside the box here, but perhaps with Sneakdoor you could Pawn -> Sneakdoor allowing you to both access their hand, get a Caissa out, and spread defenses even thinner.

I’m not that sold on Knight just yet. Thoughts?

Rook is actually the card I would be most worried about, and would probably be willing to trash most unrezzed ice to remove it from the game. I guess Pawn could just bring it back, really just slowing the game down tremendously. Perhaps Pawn is best used to bring Rooks back – two Rooks on a server would just make me so freakin sad. I honestly wonder if Rook will make it into other decks, particularly Criminal. That’s an archetype I could see being interesting – Crypsis-only + Caissa Gabe/Andy, especially with Running Interference.

I wonder if we’ll see a Deja Vu equivalent for Caissa programs.

What kind of decks do you see these being effective in? An opening Rook would allow the runner to seriously go to town, costing the corp a fortune – how would you capitalize on it? Imp? Indexing? FAO? I actually think Sneakdoor would be interesting in Reina, given her capability to slow the corp down so much.

Funny, I was thinking about a Deja Vu equivalent for Caissa programs as well, as I think trashing the host ice is going to be the best counter to them.

I think Rook will definitely see the most splashing by far. The only stipulation is that it needs to get out early, else the runner will have to search for them before running. For this reason, I see it being played very well with derezzing (not to mention FAO).

I’m actually most excited about Knight, as it’s much more practical than Femme with its low install cost. It’ll greatly aid fixed breakers, and only Janus is currently out of reach. These cards will definitely find Synergy in diverse places, and will require a fair amount of testing before a verdict can be reached.

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