New player (bad timing aparently)!

Hello everyone!

I am a new Netrunner player, who went the full rollercoaster experience in my first few weeks, lol!
From finding the Core set and playing it with my wife, really enjoying the game, getting the Deluxe expansions to finding Jinteki to play online,getting the lorebook to really immerse ourselves into the setting (I just LOVE the setting!!) while then finding out FFG is pulling the plug on the game.
Ok… riiight.

I checked my local gamestore, but the run on datapacks is insane!
I am missing far too much to complete my collection in the time that is left, but at least I am happy we managed to obtain all the deluxe expansions in time!

With live event play now less likely for me and my wife at least I think we will have LOTS of options to keep the game interesting for us for the years to come with what we have at home. What do you guys think?

I hope Jinteki will be around for a good long while regardless of what becomes of Netrunner in the future.
That’s up to us as players I presume!

Look out for Yskonyn on Jinteki! I would love to get teaching games in with those of you who like tutoring!

I am located GMT+1 . Shoot me a PM here is also an option.
Nice meeting you all.


Welcome to the game! There’s never a bad time to play Netrunner, even if the FFG Overlords couldn’t work out a deal with the WOTC Overlords.

The game has so much content to explore that I know you and your wife have YEARS of stuff to dig into. At our local meetup down in metro-Atlanta, we’ve actually had two new players in the past few weeks come on out. As long as people are willing to play, I think the game will be played.

Further, with the Not-Really-Secret NISEI Project happening, Organized Play may continue (though its form and content are yet to be known).

So, sure, the game might be “done” from the FFG side of things, but I’m still excited for the things to come.


Thanks! I am not familiar with this event you mention.

I guess you have a point, but our collection will never grow from what we have now at this point.
Do you feel Core plus all Deluxe expansions is a solid foundation regardless?

If you have all the deluxe expansions (including Reign and Reverie & Terminal Directive), I think that’s a plenty big card pool for two players to wander though. And while the print run of ANR has concluded, I’m sure there are data packs in the wild (should you be interested in hunting those down).

OR…and this is a bit of a bigger cash splash, just keep an eye on ebay; some folks are going to sell their entire collections in one big lot–just kind of depends if you are getting what you want out of the game (namely fun–but also a chance to get creative in deck building, etc. etc. etc.)

Yeah I figured as much.
Well I have found a thing called ChiLo’s buying guide on Boardgamegeek. It seems to be up to date so I have made a reservation request at my gamestore for most of the pack on there.
Not all packs will be available, but we’ll see.
Its just my OCD kicking in wanting to complete the collection now that we know its final. Hehe. Probably me and many.
But rationally speaking there would be no need anyway cause many cards you probably wont ever play with anyhow.
Sigh. Still its hard and a bummer all at the same time! :grin:
At least on Jinteki I can play with ALL cards. :wink:
My wife and I are looking forward to MANY hours of Netrunner regardless! Its such a great card game and we have only scratched the surface so far!

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NISEI is the name chosen by the community effort to keep the game alive after ffg pull out. At this stage it’s impossible to say whether it will succeed or not but they are taking it very seriously and putting huge amounts of energy into it so it’s looking good. Their intention is to have a full year of organised play events ready to roll out for 2019 and they have initially said that they intend to allow proxies (I am not associated with nisei so I’m not speaking on their behalf just recounting what I’ve read elsewhere). So if events are something you care about you should be covered. They also have plans to keep the card pool fresh with new cycles, rotations, and banned & restricted lists.

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Here is what they’ve posted: