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New Player Help MegaThread


The more suckers the better, stay aggressive. Also have a D4v1d at the ready in hand or clone chip. Clone chip might keep the corp from even rezzing archer, because it’ll cost them an agenda, and you’ll know its there, and it won’t hit 2 breakers and give them ETR or 2 cr.


So when the opportunity presents itself, perhaps early on, a turn like; Install DS, Run Archives, Run Archives, 3 on Ms. Jones, would be acceptable?


if rnd and HQ are locked out sometimes. If there is only unrezzed ICE, run HQ and make them pay. Running archives just for a token is not great, but if you have mimic out and worry about archer, you need those two. If you have nothing on the board but datasucker, fear no ICE(ok, some ICE) and run, run, run!



Jinteki: RP Grail; RP Bioroid; Other: Tennin ToL; Cambridge Jinteki; IG, Tennin NA; IG Eric Twice No Fun;
HB: HB EtF FA Rush ; CI Combo; HB EtF IT-department Other:
NBN: NEH Tol/Space; NEH Biotic; NEH Grail/Biotic; Other: NEH Nearpad; Making News Manhunt Butchershop NEH
Weyland: Bootcamp Glacier BS; Blue Sun Scorched Other: Argus; Titan Supermodernism

Anarchs: Maxx Reg; Reina Denail. Quetzal; Noise Workshop; Noise Chakana Other: Valencia Chakana; Maxx Eater Keyhole
Shapers: Calimsha’s Kate; Traditional Kate Other: Kit Stealth; Exile Dumpster Gamble; Exile Dirty Hands
Criminals: Cerebus/Aandries Leela, Andy Stealth; Andy Suckers Parasite Gabe; Other: Drip Andy, Sterling Supplier

Fill free to poke me to improve this list


Would it be possible to tier these lists too? Or is the idea that most/all of these are strong decks in the right meta?


Is there also maybe a way to give this it’s own thread or even page like how the tournament winning decklists used to be? I think this is an awesome and valuable start for new and experienced players. Thanks for keeping this updated.


valley image pack for octgn floating around yet? or is this something that should be simple enough to do on your own, haven’t looked into it


Dan and Anthony are revamping the decklist section of the forum, I’ll wait and see if they make this obsolete.

Regarding the tiers. The “other” decks are not top tier. I don’t go futher then that to avoid tier discussions. This is about the decks…


Butcher’s Shop NEH seems to be gaining in popularity (e.g. http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/16988/butcher-shop-v4-1st-place-uncle-s-games-sc-redmond-wa-).


Thanks for this. Super helpful to netdeck and learn all these good archtypes.


I’m sorry for disturbing this thread, I just wanted to bring Blitz ‘Calimsha’ Kate deck to a small tournament I’m having in a few weeks but I can’t really understand how to play it. (I will probably make some small changes, but still) Does it want to run a lot or threaten the remote with occasional HQ and R&D runs with Legwork and The Makers Eye? Is Lady sufficient enough ( I mean, it might run out too often)?
P.S. I will most probably change Clot to Legwork and Cyber-Cyphers to Gordian.


Blitz calimsha Kate is about making quality runs with makers eye, legwork, etc. Lady can be refreshed with scavenge, same with cycy.


It varies depending on the opponent, but in general, draw lots to get voicepads and SMC set up as quickly as possible. Don’t waste resources running for single accesses unless they are free. Keep the remotes locked down by either having money or being able to get it (Stimhack/Lucky Find). Remember that Clone Chip for SMC for the card you need is a thing. Agendas will pile up in HQ and you can nab them with Legwork or with Makers/Indexing if they Jackson them.


As a new player, what packs should I focus on if I like how virus heavy anarch (specifically running Darwin), and Jinteki play? It feels like to build a decent deck you need like 1 or 2 cards from a bunch of data packs.


Well, not to jump to the obvious answer too quickly, but the respective big boxes are a good place to start. O&C in particular revolutionizes virus play.

Jinteki has a lot of very different decks depending on what you want to do with them, but again the big box is a good place to start. (The core set leaves jinteki especially with big gaps to start off with)

The long and the short is that if you’re focusing heavily on certain factions, the big boxes are for you; it’s what they were designed for.

Oh, also, the pack with Jackson Howard in it. Get that one like, first.


ok, I’m not a new player, but my question doesn’t exactly warrant a new thread either.

I seem to remember deleting some of my published decks on netrunnerdb before. Usually they were dated, were used to show something I had been brewing on and wanted to discuss it with some friends, etc. Either way, I now have a couple of published lists that are really not valuable to anyone, usually aren’t even final lists. Would anyone know how to remove them?


I don’t think NRDB has this functionality (or maybe only for recently posted decks?), the idea being to preserve a record of past decks even after people stop playing them.

Even outdated decks can be useful if linked to by an “inspired by” tag.


How to delete published decks on NetrunnerDB

  1. Click the drop down menu on the upper right
  2. Select public profile from the drop down menu
  3. Click the link to published decklists in the middle of the screen
  4. Select one of your published decklists
  5. Click the trash icon in the upper right

The decklist should now be deleted.


Yesterday I checked, went to that page, and I swear there was a white space where today there’s a huge trash can icon. And I had scanned those decklist pages a couple of times already remembering that I had deleted public lists before.

But I can clear up some lists now, ty for the answer!


The trashcan disappears when you get a post, you can’t delete published lists that have comments.