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New Player Help MegaThread


That wasn’t it, I had a whole list of decks with no responses, unsurprising as they were just used to discuss the pile I had been working on at that time with some people online. Which is just easier if you can show an ordered list of cards, accessable via just a link.

so idk what changed, or maybe I’ve missed it looking for it all that time, but either way, ty for the help!


ah, this is why I thought you couldn’t delete posted decks


It might be early for a “sansan meta”, but I’m gonna try it anyway :wink:

RP glacier 8 agendas, RP Glacier 9 agendas
NEH astrobiotics Grail, NEH astrobiotics Space
NEH scorch,
Blue Sun glacier,
Blue Sun scorch,
HB fast advance,
HB glacier,

Stealth Andy
Desperado Leela
Spags’ PPVP Kate-Clot
Reg Ass
Reina Headlock

It’s far from perfect, but it’s a start. Suggestions are welcome.


Hello does anyone one know of a playgroup in the Buffalo, Niagara Falls, or Batavia areas of Western New York? I have heard about one in Rochester but that might be a little too far.


What is the viability cutoff here? Tier 1? Tier 1.5?


So far I went for top 8 regionals and gut feeling. Feel free to suggests decks


Maxx Power nap doubles, with, and without starlight crusade funding. It is a ‘thing’ not sure if its great


It blows the minds of everyone I play against. It is great. Until you get locked out because all you play is eater, and you pitched your recursion. But the incredible 15+ credits from power nap make the Corp shit brix


3 knight and femme!


You know, if I didn’t hate playing knight…but femme is a capital idea.


Hey all,

I’m not quite ready to dive in and figure out the metagame right now, but I’m having a bit of trouble finding some things that you can hopefully direct me to:

Info regarding:

  • Organized play “formats”:
    there was talk about limiting the pool of cards for organized play, did anything come of that? Are there community recognized formats that I need to know about?

  • Stimhack Floor Rules:
    Awesome idea, is there a posted document anywhere, or is it still in development?

  • Tournament Software:
    Does the community have any software they use for organizing tournaments, or do I still need a cool spreadsheet?

  • Data Analysis:
    Similarly, is there anything good that people use for deck design analysis, or are we still making our own HD calcs?

  • Tournament Structure:
    Have there been any changes to the tournament structure since the end of the 2014 season that make events take less than 8-12 hours? It’s a bitch to get game store owners to stay open late for a game that doesn’t sell booster packs.


So great to see you back again!

Play formats: will come, not yet. Core and Big boxes will stay, packs rotate out
Floorrules: FFG will come with this before worlds, dunno if Stimhack will continue, considering FFG’s pace, I think we need both
Software: will come, use NRTM on ipad or phone
Data: not that I know off, you’ll find some info here on the forums
Lenght: still long. Mostly because of double elim and popularity of the game


@argamas, thanks for the rundown. guess most of what I thought I missed is still on the boat.


Can I use click-activate abilities during paying windows just like any other paid abilities? e.g. Can I use knight’s ability midrun if I have spare clicks?


No, you paid a click to run. You can move Knight clickless with Deep red.


I’m not sure I understand the difference between click ability and money ability.

If I encounter tollbooth with 3 credit, I can pump a corroder by 1 strenght in order not to lose 3 credit.
If I encounter enigma with one click left, I cannot use magnum opus to spend my click before I encounter enigma?


[quote=“busti, post:78, topic:3017, full:true”]
I’m not sure I understand the difference between click ability and money ability.[/quote]

Click abilities are noted in the rules as being special; you can only use them when you could spend a click on the basic actions. Note that paying clicks (for Bioroids etc) is different, this limitation only applies to paid abilities With the click symbol.


this is correct. the way to differentiate is that a click ability, which reads " :clock12:: do this effect" takes an action like any other click. when something reads “the runner may spend :clock12: to do this effect” this text is explicitly giving you permission to spend a click outside of your regular click-to-take-an-action window.


So I just bought the core box and I’m here in Colorado… Denver metro area. I looked at your listed local playgroups and noticed that Enchanted Grounds and Denver Central Games are listed, but when I checked their calendars I couldn’t find anything about weekly meetups. Are there still places that do weekly Netrunner in the Denver area?


Upon digging about a bit, I managed to find the Colorado Netrunner Facebook group’s page.

It would appear that there are still shops doing Netrunner around here, they just haven’t added the event to their calendars yet. =w=