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New Player Help MegaThread


If the runner encounters a Grim, can they use SMC to find a sharpshooter and immediately use the sharpshooter to break the Grim (during step 3.1) without the Corp getting a chance to use Marcus Batty in between?


Yes. That works. But the corp could use Batty to kill the SMC on approach.


How does World’s Plaza work? Can the runner access the cards hosted on it or only the plaza itself? Can the corp install face down assets on it using the normal “click: install” or only using the plaza’s ability?


The runner access all cards in the server, and per the awakening center ruling hosted cards are in the server. However, traps generally won’t fire as the runner can simply trash the plaza first to skip accessing any hosted cards.

Not clear on the rules for hosting on this. The precedents are split between cards like personal workshop and cards like djinn. My sense is that you can host assets on it using the regular action as well, but I’m not sure.


Didnt think I had this ruling confuddled until I started playing online.

When it comes to daemons like Leprechaun, programs are immediately installed upon them before conflicting with your total memory unit, right? Ie, I can have 2 mb left and plop a hyperdriver onto Leprechaun no problem?

Similarly, I am pretty sure i cannot retroactively place programs in play onto Leprechaun. Jinteki.net gives the option of hosting played programs on daemons but I think that is only to make its interface easier.


Yes to both. You can install directly onto leprechaun.

The option on jinteki is probably for ease of use; you need to use scavenge or an equivalent effect to move already installed programs to a new host.


@Lttlefoot The above is true but bear in mind if the SMC was installed beforehand (ie. not from Clone Chip) the Corp can rez Batty at Step 2.3 (immediately after rezzing Grim if Grim is unrezzed) to trash the SMC so you don’t get to tutor for Sharpshooter. Side note that the Corp cannot rez cards during Step 3.1 so Step 2.3 is their only opportunity to rez Batty before you deal with the ice.


I’m from the (US) east coast but am going back to school in Chicago, and I’ve heard there are a few stimhackers in the midwest. Where are the best places to play?


I know there’s a significant Chicago scene. I believe @Jdalart and @Chill84 are part of it? My midwestern netrunner geography is not great but starting to grow as I see more of the same folks at tournaments.


@linuxmaier is correct. There are at least 3 locations with netrunner on at least 3 nights of the week. @Daine is the best person to ask for anything in the city.

There is the DiceDojo, Wanderer’s Refuge, Cat and Mouse, I forget the rest.

There is a whatsapp group that most of the players use to announce events. My group meets in the suburbs every thursday and third saturday. It’s no Wisconsin supergroup, but we do okay.


Man, we lost @Nordrunner and I think he took our supergroup status badge with him.


Wisconsin still has @aandries, @spags, jenns, wasau in general. Is @paranoid also WI? Was never sure if he was Milwaukee or chicago. But the point stands. They’re still here. They’re still winning. We’ve got to export some talent now and again.

Now, Madison took a hit with the loss of @nordrunner. And it didn’t help when @Tr33beard took off for NY. But, of late you guys are doing much better. @timothyhunter, @linuxmaier, @cranked, @stormzbowler. When I play any of you I can’t be off my game one iota. Same was not true a year ago. And many of our other players who aren’t on stimhack are as good. It’s only summer.

Winter is coming. There’s not much else to do but get good at board games.


Yeah, I forgot there were people outside of Madison. I usually only notice them when they vote Republican and swing Wisconsin around during the midterms.



Hit me up on Facebook or send me a direct message here regarding chicago netrunner. I can fill you in on where the regularly occurring events take place, but you’ll want to sign up for the Chicagoland Netrunner Facebook group for any pickup events or changes.


Not guilty on either charge.


Are there any players in the capital district region of NY? I’d love to find people to play with, OCTGN and jinteki occasionally unnerve me.


Looking for players in the League City / Pearland, TX area (south of Houston TX) to start grouping up with for weekend sessions / store events.

Recently a few others and I have started weekend sessions at Arkham Comics & Games in Pearland TX, though we’d like to either expand our current group or link up with another to bump up the player base.

Would be thrilled to find or develop a healthy local community for this game.


Anybody near central San Diego? I live pretty close to Villainous Lair in Normal Heights, and it’s a great place to meet. I’m in the process of teaching two of my friends how to play, but aside from that I’ve only really played games with my fiancee. We’re both looking to play against new people and make some Netrunner friends.


Alright kids, I haven’t played in like… almost a year now. Got the itch again after watching Worlds and seeing the @mediohxcore gunshow.

Question: what’s the status of online play? Is jinteki.net favored over OCTGN now or what?


jinteki is pretty good albeit laggy. I use it over octgn cause it’s a little smoother and you can play in a browser but both are usable.