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New Player Help MegaThread


So, I’ve been poking at Netrunnerdb and I can’t seem to figure out how to make a deck so it comes off as being derived from another deck. I want to give credit where credit is due, and have a nice revision history on my own stuff.

I’m sure it’s a glaringly obvious button right in the middle of the screen, but I’d appreciate the help!


If you look at a publicly viewable deck you can hit a ‘copy’ button and then edit the copied deck.


So, pretty new to the game, but wondering if there are any cool playgroups in Phoenix to check out to try to get a better grasp of the game?

EDIT: I found Desert Sky Games very close to me, so that’s perfect! :slight_smile:



Been a huge fan of Netrunner since the 90s and been playing A:NR since it came out, though my local group is sparse. I’m on the Seacoast of New Hampshire and the closest place that sees any regular play is Diversions in Portsmouth. Any other NH seacoast (or surrounding parts) players out there?


I just got into Netrunner a couple weeks ago. Well, that’s not true… I should say that fell in LOVE with Netrunner a couple weeks ago. I live in the Twin Cities area. Are there any active playgroups in the metro?

I’ve seen a couple posted on random sites – one at Mead Hall and one at FFGC. Does anyone know if these are still active?


I know Mead Hall is.



if I encounter news team and I have turntable can i steal his scored astro ?



Nope. You never steal News Team (you add it to your score area), so you can’t switch it for an agenda. It doesn’t fulfill the requirements set by Turntable because of that specific wording.

But man, wouldn’t that be nice.



then only datadealer f*** dat news team


I am a new player and one of our local stores has a bunch of players meeting casually throughout the week to play and have fun, but there isn’t any sort of official tournament that they are playing. They have all expressed interest in having a weekly sort of thing but I am unsure of where to go to get this started. Any help is appreciated.


The store I go to hosts a weekly tournament were we pay a $5 entry fee, someone at the store runs the tournaments (we do 3 rounds swiss) and then the top placers get a % of the total entry fee as store credit. You could talk with someone at the store to see if that’s something that could be done.


is that for organized play? that is sort of what i’m looking for here? are their like…hobby league kits/promos etc?


Ah, I don’t know much about getting kits; I’ve been doing weekly tournaments for a couple months and they’re done 1 tournament with a kit. Mostly it’s the store credit


I think stores can only get on a limited amount of game night kits (ffg’s officially prize support), which limits you if your goal is weekly tournaments. I think they’re limited to two or three per store, and you have to be a store to order them. So on weeks where you didn’t have a gnk, you’d have to do something like suggested above with the entry fee.

Something we do at one of the stores I play at during the week might work as well. We have a league we play in every week with a $1 entry fee. Every… 3? I think? months, the league ends, and prizes are awarded from the gnk prize pool. The points are awarded for a win, and one for a loss; this way it’s better to show up and lose than not show up at all. It’s a slower format than a tourney every week, but it makes the limited official prize support stretch further.


is it two or three kits a month? year? quarter? i wanna make sure i have as much detail as possible before i bring the store in and have to research it then.


I think it’s per season. Each season FFG releases a different GNK pack. Right now we’re on the Winter kit.


Thanks! I will take all this information to my lgs and see what we can get going.


Hey everyone, I have a question.

I was watching a game today and someone decided to not use Caprice Nisei’s ability when it was already rezzed. I’m wondering, can you actually decide not to fire Caprice’s ability when she’s already rezzed? There’s no “may” on the ability text so I’m thinking it’s mandatory, but I’d like to know if I’m wrong or not.


Nope, they have to play the Psi game. I mean, they can just give no fucks and bid 0, but they still have to play.


Awesome, thanks!