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New Player Help MegaThread


One thing I’ve found is to be more flexible in your play instead of piling on silver bullets. You should really only include 1-2 cards that you wouldn’t include normally as tech. Instead of piling on more hate cards, find ways to make your existing strengths better.

If they build a huge Ash/Caprice scoring remote, try for an R&D lock. If they spam more assets then you can afford to trash, only trash the Sensies and attack everywhere else.


I know a mistake I sometimes make is to make up too much of the deck with cards focused on one aspect. This usually includes combos that require 3+ cards to work, but it also includes, say, using a third of your deck to put together an awesomely efficient icebreaker suite that’s great against glaciers but wasted on asset spam (which is why I’m wary about playing more with Stealth breakers, currently). It would often be more generally useful scale back on the efficiency to include more basic economy instead.

Of course, a lot of the discussion so far seems to be runner-side, but I don’t believe you said which side you’re having more trouble with. Corp, Runner, or both?


A question. I do not understand for what Sacrificial Construct can and cannot be used for.

I know it can be used for Clot, Faerie and Crypsis. Can it also be used for Sharpshooter, Deus X & Clone chip? Why, why not?


It can be used to prevent a program or hardware from being trashed for any reason, except when an ability says “(cannot be prevented)”.

The only thing to keep in mind is that if you are trashing the card to pay a cost (it is an ability written as either “[trash can symbol]: effect” or “trash the card to do blah blah blah”), then you are still allowed to do it but you won’t get the effect because you didn’t pay the cost.

So, for example,

  • you can prevent Faerie from trashing with no consequence because it is a triggered ability and the game can’t go back and undo the things that triggered it
  • you can prevent Clone Chip from trashing, but you don’t install a program from heap because trashing the Chip is the cost of doing so.

Hope that helps


I see. Thanks a lot @jakodrako.


I’m a netrunner noob. slowly building my collection. I now own 1 core, 2 first expansion (soon to be 4), 2 first cycle and the 2 latest datapack. Will buy all the remaining 3 cycle soon enough.

My question is: Can you score an agenda from a ‘reveal’ effect? I am planning to do a Ken Express deck, and trying to squeeze in Enhanced Vision. I just want to know if I get lucky and reveal an agenda from HQ, can I score it?


No, revealing is not the same as accessing, and the runner needs an access to steal an agenda.

Also, corps score, runners steal. That difference could matter on some cards.


Ok thanks. But would you still run Enhance Vision just for the information? If you have a deck that tends to run a lot?


Information is good, especially if you’re running limited-use multiaccess, like Legwork or The Turning Wheel. You can save the multiaccess for when you actually see an agenda (or something you really want to trash) in HQ.

I’m not sure if Enhanced Vision is worth it if you’re running many times in one turn and then not running on other turns, but if you’re already running a server other than HQ* for economy at least once every turn (Desperado, Security Testing, Temujin Contract, John Masanori, etc.), then it gives you more value from that first run. It sounds like it’s worth a shot to see how it works for you.

*EDIT: Or if you’re running HQ with replacement effects, like Account Siphon, to see if it’s worth making a second run.


Hi, I’m a new ANR player and I’m looking for a local group in the Syracuse / CNY region. Does anyone know of any groups up here? I located a supposed one but it didn’t seem to be active… Thanks in advance


Maybe try the Netrunner Reddit? They post a “find a player” thread every Saturday. And if you look up the last one, it will have instructions for how to search the find a player threads.


Timing Window question. Is the following correct?

I’m playing Spark. I put down three PAD campaigns during my turn.

I can rez one at the the paid window before my turn tends (3.2).

I can rez a second one during a window in my opponent’s turn.

I can rez the third in the paid window right before my turn starts (step 1.1) and still draw from it in step 1.2.

By doing this, I ping him for 3 credits from Spark’s ID and also still get to draw from all three PAD campaigns in step 1.2 of my second turn.

Do I have that right?


Yes, that’s correct since there are 3 turns in that sequence (your turn, runner’s turn, your turn). Keep in mind if you do this you can’t ping them again at the end of your next turn, since you already used your ability at the beginning of your turn.

If you’re ever curious, the timing structure of a turn on ANCUR is a great resource. Here you’re rezzing the third PAD campaign in step 1.1, and getting the credits (not draw, assuming that’s a typo) from all the PADs in step 1.2.


Does anyone know where I can find a good explanation of the epistemology behind the names of deck arch types? Some of them make sense, like the use of the word ‘Cutlery’ for cards like spooned, forked and knifed. But mostly I don’t get it, but would love to.

Thanks :3


Sometimes it has to do with the deck and cards in it, sometimes it’s simply what someone had for dinner when they designed the deck. Other times the community thrusts a name on a deck.

Example: the HB archetype Foodcoats started when @Nordrunner created a heavily taxing HB deck, calling it The Redcoats, after the heavy taxation the English imposed upon the American colonies. That archetype fell out of favor, but was reborn when Global Food Initiative (GFI) was printed, as it gave the deck a viable 3-point agenda to run. Because of the GFI, people started calling it Foodcoats.

If there’s any specific archetype names you were curious about, ask away! Otherwise covering them all would take pretty much forever.

Edit: Oh yeah, the thread you linked to =P So the Wyldcakes archetype is named so from the inclusion of the cards Wyldside (wyld, obviously) and the card Adjusted Chronotype. The Cakes part is derived from the flipping of pancakes on the Adjusted Chronotype art, and the card itself is often referred to as “pancakes.” @Chill84 was “reclaiming” the name into CakeBoss partially because of the TV show and partially because he’s a silly bastard.


Thank you @Sean for the detailed explanation! May I take the liberty of tagging you when I have these kind of questions?

Thanks Sean!


Sure, but make sure to spell Saan correctly :wink:


@Saan …Sorry about that! Will do :smiley:


Hello, I’m relatively new to netrunner and I’m struggling to find local England players, I live in Colchester Essex and it seems I’m over an hours train journey away from the nearest game centre that promotes Netrunner days.
If anyone could help me find some players that would be great.


Newer player here looking to start playing on the local scene. I’m pretty stuck on what decks to play, especially on the corp side. I have a Core, Creation and Control, 2015 World Champion Corp deck, and a few random data packs. I have an Atman+Kate deck that I’ve been enjoying playing that I’ll bring, recognizing it’s not a strong meta call. But beyond the Foodcoats/HB Glacier deck of the 2015 champion deck (which is no longer legal), I don’t know what to play. Modify the foodcoats deck to make it MWL legal?