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New Player Help MegaThread


Greetings everybody…
Not sure where i should post it and it maybe a basic question so here it is

On the winning decklist page, i’m having trouble seeing the corp ID name as the window doesn’t seem big enough

How can i fix this?

Thx in advance


It appears to be bugged right now.


Hello guys! I’ve a question about timing of abilities. In Magic you can play instant or abilities just in response, even isn’t your turn. Who is playing has the priority. If I would use the Advanced Assembly Lines ability (trash it to install something else), when I could do it in opponent’s turn? (the card specify that you can’t use it during runs)


There’s a timing chart in the rulebook, showing where the windows for using paid abilities are. Both players can use paid abilities, but the player who controls the turn gets to use their paid abilities first before asking the other player if they’d like to use theirs.

There’s a paid ability window just before any player spends a click, always.

Because there is no response, you can’t wait until a player initiates a run and say that you’d like to install a Neural Katana over the server they picked just before it happens. If the opponent failed to ask you whether you would like to use a paid ability during the paid ability window just before the click was spent to make that run, though, you may ask them to back the game up to that point, though.


Can Councilman derezz a SanSan City Grid that was just rezzed to stop a FA play? I’ve received both yes and no on this question.

Same question concerning CVS and intant purging.


If the corp rezzed it on their turn, yes it stops the scoring off Sansan; councilman is not a paid ability, it’s a reaction ability so they can’t rez and score before you can use councilman. They can play around it by rezzing it at the end of your turn and re-rezzing again on their turn (provided you used councilman)

As with clot, if the agenda is ready to score (i.e, has all of it tokens), then the corp can score after the use CVS. If they don’t score in that paid abilities window (i.e., they cleared with CVS but did not score in that paid abilities window), then you have the opportunity to re-clot before they take their next click. That’s why you advance an agenda until you’re ready to score rather than trying to CVS early; you keep priority on paid abilities until you pass the window to the other player.

Side note: You can use sacrificial construct to prevent clot from being trashed (you trash sac con to prevent clot from being trashed by the purge), requiring 1 extra CVS per sac con.


Hello Everyone,
I am new to the competitive scene, and upon “discovering” the
Ekomind + Bagbiter combo, and built a deck, I have come across a lot of questions regarding the deck I built, and how to play it.

  1. Is it true that Ekomind replaces memory? If so, does that mean if Akamatsu Mem Chip is in play the same time as Ekomind, then the Akamatsu doesn’t work?
  2. Does Bagbiter’s text replace your current hand size max, or add to it? I ask because I included a few
    Borrowed Satellite’s just in case I run out of credits. Would that work?



what are you planning to use the memory for? if you have a large hand size the obvious combo is to play magnum opus (to get lots of money for bagbiter) and faust, play hyperdriver and go for a mega turn where you run all three central, picking up 4 points and play 3x notoriety to win the game.

also you need to include hostage to be able to tutor up bagbiter early on to increase consistency.


Overmind and Sage.
The plan is to focus on being able to break anything, and applying pressure where needed. Usually R&D or single ice servers.

Hostage is a good idea, thanks. I don’t know if my combo works, though. Does anybody know the answer to my 2 questions?

Thanks @rojazu :smiley:


Hey all,
I think I answered my own question! I found 2 resources on reddit:

  1. Looks like Ekomind doesn’t reset memory completely; it acts a base.
  2. Similar thing with Bagbiter, I suppose.

Could I get any confirmations on this?

Yours sincerely,


Yes they act as a base.

But keep in mind that nobody plays Bagbiter or Ekomind and you’re probably making life very difficult for yourself trying to get that to work. Even with a ton of MU, Overmind is still 0 strength, so you’ll also have to set up multithreaders or strength boosts for it.


So I’m not sure where this question goes, but… what does “mtg” mean? I’ve seen it used quite a few times, usually as a slang for a very competitive player, but I don’t know if it’s an acronym or a pun or somehow referencing Magic.


Yeah, it’s in reference to Magic, or it’s full name Magic: The Gathering


There is a chance I’ll be moving to Grand Rapids, MI in January. Any groups around? I would be bringing my draft cube so we can all do that as well. If the scene is dead then I will resurrect it.


Complete newbie here. Any other beginners interested in getting together and doing a ‘historical replay’ on Jinteki.net, starting with Core only, then introducing a new set every week/month? Figure it’d be a good way to learn the card pool and experience the game’s progression in the same way long time players did.


Hey there, Fiji. Almost brand new here as well. I’d love to play a lot of games with the Core set to get it under my belt. I go by the same name on Jinteki.net, will probably be on later today and much of this weekend.


Cool, sounds good. I should be around this weekend (I’m GMT+1).


GMT -4 here, but I should be on long enough this weekend that we’ll cross paths. If you can send a chat message in the general channel, I think it keeps a backlog of the chat history, so I’ll know to look for you if I see your name in chat. I’ll do the same for you.

Don’t know if you have decks yet, but I’ll probably be playing one of the starter lists posted here, in case you want to familiarize yourself with these cards beforehand.


I guess this is less of a new player question and more of a general one. For the last few months I’ve been getting completely crapped on by everything I go up against. I’ve seen the same decks over and over again, then once I try to tech against them everybody moves on or I never wind up drawing the tech when I need it. Almost feels like I’m playing a slot machine of who I go against and if I can draw the tech for it.

Is there any general deck building strategy that doesn’t completely play around the meta and can build a functional deck without it being all silver bullets to pull at the right time, hopefully?


I think tech dependency tends to go Shaper>Anarch>Crim in terms of who is the most reliant on it. Maybe that will help.