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New rule regarding BYE awarded at Store Champs

Would like to hear some discussion about the new structure regarding who gets the BYE from Store Champs this season that I really dislike…

From the info sheet:
When awarding the card granting the Champion a bye at an Android: Netrunner Regional Championship, write the player’s name on the card. If the Champion already possesses a card, award the card to the next highest player without a card.


It feels like this just promotes bad behavior besides shafting the motivation to participate in multiple Store Champs (since more copies of Kit are not that intresting).

Also how will tournament organizers handle checking who has won earlier?

Sounds fine to me. Probably relies on the players’ honesty.
How does it promote bad behavior?

It makes sense for regionals, not Store Championships. Organized Play missed the mark on this one. They listened to a valid complaint from last season, and applied the new rule too broadly.


@Korrigan It promotes people lying about having won a previous Store Championship.

Alternatively, it promotes manipulating game results.
After winning a Store Championship, you could go to the others and play well against the other good players, and throw against worse opponents, in order to attempt to deny a good player a BYE.
It’s pretty “out-there” as commitment to increasing your odds of winning at regionals but totally doable, #play2win.

Seems like this ruling will only really be applicable in communities that actual want it, since you basically have to call someone out after they’ve won their second BYE, and then you just seem like a sore loser :stuck_out_tongue:

Overall, I think the ruling is pretty dumb. The best player on that day should be awarded the BYE, just as it always has. I don’t really understand why FFG felt the need to discourage competitive players from attending tournaments.

seriously? if this community ever becomes that, im out.


Idiotic. If they want this, make the bye valid at all Regionals.

As @aandries put it, the bye is just a handjob from FFG. We’re there for the games.


As an aside, I won 2 SCs last year and passed on the second bye because I knew I was only going to make 1 regionals. I’d be interested to know how common this was.

The sheet says to report results back to FFG. This includes the winner’s name. My guess is that if several SCs get reported with the same winner, FFG will check with the TOs that the bye went to a different person at the other tournaments.

Doesn’t the tournament structure make this pretty much impossible? You won’t get to play against the good players if you throw games against worse players, and you won’t get to play against the worse players if you beat the good players. The only exception I can think of is very small tournaments.

In the end you might be able to prevent a specific good player from getting a bye, but I highly doubt you could prevent the bye going to one of the good players.


It doesn’t matter if FFG has the information about who won a previous Store Championship unless it’s updated daily and available for tournament organizers (which I doubt). They are not going to reply to a tournament organizer to remove a prize and award it to another player.

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This is a decent idea that has been implemented poorly. How can they even really enforce this? Besides, all you have to do is use an alias if you win another SC. I mean, are they gonna ask for your ID? There’s nothing to prevent you from saying, “My name is Rusty Shackleford” a la Dale from King of the Hill.

In fact, that’s what I propose. If you guys win more than one SC, use “Rusty Shackleford” as an alias. Maybe if the have twenty Rusty S’s winning across the country they’ll understand how poorly-conceived this was…

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There’s nothing to prevent you from doing a whole heap of dubious things whilst playing netrunner. Let’s just accept some idiots will cheat at a game that offers no rewarded for winning except self respect.


I don’t think they’d go so far as to try to get the bye reassigned to the person it should’ve gone to, they’d just punish the person who took two. It’s not a perfect system, but it doesn’t have to be.

And I propose that you guys don’t be cheating bastards.

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The community is tight enough in Toronto that we don’t worry about these negative scenarios. Everyone is here for a chill time and those who are in it to win it have done so and are just having fun trying new ideas at this point. I won my second Store Champ today but there’s no need to worry about other players colluding against me. I don’t know what your player base is like, but you may need those people to relook their moral compass.

My SC byes number 2 and 3 will be registered as “William Bell-Itzchek” and “Thomas Bredi.”

I think the main thing this does is allow a player who has already won a store champs and is about to win a second to gracefully pass the BYE to the next player without being forced to fabricate results. If anything, I think this encourages winners to play a second store champs, rather than discourage it.


I’m not actually advocating this. I frown upon any unsportsmanlike behavior in this game. I really don’t think anyone should be a jerk and gobble up byes. I certainly wouldn’t do that… Not that I’m going to win anyway! LOL

I’m simply being satirical and attempting to point out that this isn’t really an enforceable policy. It basically relies on the honor system.

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This new rule sucks :stuck_out_tongue:

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I like the new rule because I can feel like less of a jerk playing in multiple Store Champs because I won’t deny someone else a bye if I win beyond the first one. Maybe if byes stacked or there was more than one Regionals within driving range my tune would change.

The RL equivalent of the famed HAW/Wyldside deck? “Win enough SCs and you auto-win a Regional without even showing up?” :smiley:

(well, I suppose you would have to still show up for the double elims…)


At least you can’t be got by False Lead!

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