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New Spin Cycle Spoilers!

Discuss the newest Spoilers for the second Data Pack of the Spin Cycle, Second Thoughts here.

Some Locatons that Mills can trash:

I think she has the potential to be quite strong.

Good lord you’re fast. Anyways, a breakdown.

  • Elizabeth Mills seems to me to have the most potential of the mix as well. In addition, it can trash New Angeles City Hall and Crash Space.
  • Clone Retirement’s scoring requirement is something Jinteki really needed. I’m not ecstatic with its effect, but I’ll withhold judgement, since new cards that’ll utilize bad publicity may drastically improve this card. It’ll at least pair nicely with Jinteki: PE and the Archers in my deck.
  • Prepaid Voice I’m not so sure about. It takes three events (of which many are free) to net a profit. It’s potential is maximized early, but late-game I would not be at all happy to draw this.
  • I’m happy to see Record Reconstruction, since with it, there’s incentive for the corp to ice up Archives against every faction. This is almost as annoying as R&D locking.
  • I’d be happier with Hard At Work if its install cost wasn’t so dang high. Factoring it in, its credit to click ratio is pretty freaking terrible. I’ll stick with two Armitages, which allow me far more flexibility anyways.

The spoiler update also references new ice and icebreakers as well.

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I think hard at work is probably my least favorite of these cards. I agree, the cost is way too high. Especially considering it’s anti synergy with Wyldside.

Mills is like a Noise Workshop counter. Mills counters Mill!
Also she is just generally strong in a deck that generates Bad Pub, to remove it. You dont need to use her trash power.

Clone Retirement is very helpful for Jinteki, especially if they print decent cards that give you a Bad Pub. For example, a storng economy card that gives 1 bad pub to play, or a strong ice that gives 1 bad pub to rez (maybe the promised ‘illicit’ ice?)

Alternately, what if the Hellion Alpha Test did something like: “Deal 1 Brain damage, gain 1 Bad Pub”. Jinteki would want that.

Clone retirement also gives Jinteki the ability to play Archer a lot more cheaply. Replicating + Archer + Nisei Counter is basically an auto-score of an agenda.

Voicepad opens up a new type of economy. Along with the ‘Double’ events that are coming, it could be the basis of an event based economy. I feel that this could be the economy engine of the Replicator deck. Replicate Voicepads. Play Sure Gambles for +$7, Quality Time for free, new events, etc. Lategame, Pawn the Voicepads.

Record reconstructor is interesting. Its also an easy mark with pawnshop that you can replicate.

Hard at Work is the WORST. Its pretty terrible.

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