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New Spoilers from True Colors

Two new True Colors Spoilers!


Capstone combos with Replicator, but probably is a poor combo

Panic Button seems exciting!

Capstone seems difficult to justify at that price. It’s possible that it will prove strong when built around, but realistically most decks don’t seem to run enough redundant copies of installable cards to justify it. My Shaper decks could certainly ditch their extra copies of Kati Jones, Professional Contacts, and consoles (and sometimes throw away extra Plascretes as well), but is it worth spending 2 credits, a click, and a card to do this?

Ironically, the faction that probably wants Capstone most is Anarch, but the influence seems prohibitive, especially given that hardware tutors don’t exist. The effect even feels kinda Anarch!

Panic Button is cool as, well, a panic button. I’m not sure it’s generally useful enough to justify a card slot, though, especially given the vulnerability it adds to R&D. One cool thing for FA decks is that it draws the cards on the opponent’s turn, meaning that if you draw agendas that you need to escape a lock you can still score them on your next turn.

All in all, I could see hammering the panic button being a good play in several situations-- I’m just worried that it’s not worth the card slot and low trash cost in R&D.


Good analysis Kingsley. The problem with using panic button to draw past an R&D lock, of course, is that it requires the runner to run on HQ, which they might decline to do for exactly this reason (although I suppose that you could then install a random upgrade on HQ to fake a panic button and dissuade the runner from running HQ- ah mind games).

Yeah. The situation where it’s good against a lock is where they’ve just established their R&D lock and are now checking HQ to see if you already have the agendas to win (and look to see how many fast advance components you have), but that’s quite a specific situation. I lean towards Panic Button not being worth it, but I suppose we’ll have to see.

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Just wanted to say that regrettably, I feel like most cards in new datapacks are useless; I expect to see 4-6 cards worth playing and maybe at best only 1 that is game changing. (In some datapacks there might even only be a couple cards worth playing at the competitive level.)

I dunno. Mala Tempora was an exceptionally good pack, but I’d say over half the cards in it were worth playing and several (Reina, Knight, Power Shutdown, maybe Sundew) were game-changing. Every pack doesn’t have a new Account Siphon/Scorched Earth in it, but I actually think that’s good for the overall gamestate. I prefer packs to have sidegrades and interesting new options rather than all game-changers all the time.


Panic button can be good. Get rich, draw 8 cards when hq is run, find beta test and vitruvius to drop into sansan next turn.

If it becomes more popular, corporate troubleshooter can be installed in hq to fake as panic button to deter runs. Also,it’s presence may make upgrades in hb less obviously corporate trtroubleshooter, which gives the troubleshooter more value too.

Capstone seems like crapstone.

It’s been said elsewhere but worth mentioning here. Panic Button is a soft counter to Account Siphon - they have to run HQ so you blow all the cash on card draws so there’s nothing left to steal. Also, since multi-access tech for HQ is less popular than for R&D, agendas are marginally safer there at the moment.

Capstone, hmmm… I fell like there should be a decent shaper hardware deck available, but there just doesn’t seem to be at the moment. If there were then this complements that (and Replicator) very well. Maybe it will have more utility in the future if and when the trash becomes a bigger resource, but at the moment I don’t really think it does anything that you can’t already achieve by playing Diesel and discarding excess cards at the end of turn. Maybe there is value in being able to discard a bunch of stuff in one go to install on the fly with Clone Chip on the same turn, but that would be the only reason for now - the card draw is a bit of a red herring I think.

Panic Button seems very fun and thematic to use at first, I love it. THEN, I realized how much draw potential that gives the corp.

The sheer power of the card will definitely increase with time, especially in combo decks. Need a 4-card combo? Draw 5 cards and fill it out on the Runner’s turn for no actions. Even if it’s not the most useful card right now, it is an extraordinarily powerful card.