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New term for fast glacier?

With the rise of glacier recently, I’ve been seeing a lot of “fast glacier” and “Glacier rush” and similar terms.

I don’t particularly like the term “fast glacier”, as a glacier is by definition slow. It seems like there should be a term for taxing ice decks that aren’t necessarily slow.

Anyone have any ideas? Snowball doesn’t really work, because there’s already a card called snowball and snowball implies compounding benefit, not necessarily large ice.


Or should I just learn to love “Glacier rush”?

I typically call it Tempo. But tempo isn’t really a term exclusive to one deck. Any good Corp deck has tempo, but I still call it that.



What are we talking about here? HB with Caprice and 3/2s, & RP with Fast Track?

I feel like the distinction between Rush and Glacier is blurring right now, especially with the coming of RP rush, if it is indeed a thing. Tempo is an accurate description, maybe more apt than rush.

Blizzard, Hailstorm?

Technically an avalanche is snow, so I feel ice should be involved in some way.

Flash freezer? Also, I think “rush glacier” > “glacier rush”.

I think these kinda decks are too flexible and can be too broad of a range to really pin it down as a ‘type’ that needs a term. Most decks that are combining elements from two or more deck types don’t need a name to denote that.

I always just say “Its a Glacier deck that can play fast”

because that is different than “Its a fast deck that can build strong servers”

The statements show the stronger focus.

We don’t need to shorthand everything imo.

‘A faster Glacier deck’ or ‘A more stable/solid Rush deck’ do the job just fine.

just me tho

I think it’s useful to classify decks based on what their primary gameplan is: Are you trying to rapidly score points before the runner can assemble appropriate breakers (“rush”)? Are you trying to create scoring windows based on a temporary economic advantage generated by big ice or Ash (possibly “tempo”)? Are you trying to create an impenetrable server through the combination of Caprice, Ash, Nisei Mk. II, ELP, massively expensive ice, etc (“glacier”)? I personally feel like deckbuilding and card evaluation is easier when we’re precise about how we want and expect games to play out, even if we’re just making arbitrary distinctions on what is a smooth continuum of deck choices and strategies.