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This is not Netrunner related, so I apologize. I’m pretty embarrassed to do a cross promotion like this, and I wouldn’t normally. However, I’ve never been involved with an online community as deeply as with Netrunner. You guys are essentially my online family. So, I figured I’d show you what I’m doing these days.

I recently moved to a city with no local Netrunner players, so I’ve had to find a new hobby. I’ve started making YouTube gameplay videos. I’m currently playing Invisible, Inc. on expert plus difficulty and attempting to commentate on my decision making. That’s the sort of thing I plan on doing for the channel, playing tactical games on high difficulty levels while talking through my thought process. I’m not humorous or entertaining, so I try to make up for it with intelligent play and commentary. I post videos every day.

My channel is still brand new with a meager 7 subscribers as I write this. If you’d like to check it out, that would be really great. If you’d like to subscribe to help me get started, I would be totally honored. Here is the link to my channel:

If you like or dislike anything about my videos, please feel free to let me know. Thank you so much!

Chris Hinkys


Very cool. I got you :thumbsup:

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I Love invisible Inc. :smiley:
I’ll give your channel a try :wink:

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Stealth games are the best games =) Also, the concept of the channel seems cool. Beyond that, you’re a super nice person, and it’s always a pleasure to help out. Hope to see you back across the Netrunner table again in the future, but in the mean time it’ll be fun watching your channel!

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I’m still planning on going to Worlds this year. I’m just not gonna get my hopes up for day two this time! :stuck_out_tongue:

oh sick I love invis inc. I’ll be sure to check it out.

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Watching this is giving me an itch to play Invisible, Inc again. I never went as hardcore as expert difficulty though, its already a pretty damn stressful game.

You moved away from NYC? Man, watching you and Apreche on livestream was some of my first exposure to the wider Netrunner community. #thosewerethedays

Yup, good memories. I loved the Netrunner crew in NYC. Wasn’t a fan of the rest of the city, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nationals is super close at ETX this year; you should stop by there as well =D

more expert plus!

Thanks everyone for helping me out! I’m up to 44 subscribers now! Woo!

I finished the Invisible, Inc. expert plus playthrough. One more video to post for that. I started playing Battle Brothers as well, on expert ironman. My first go at that went disastrously! :smile:


I loved your channel.

Good Luck!

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I’ve been play Has-Been Heroes mostly lately, which I think is a great game.

In addition, I’ve recorded some TumbleSeed, which is kinda fun. But I don’t think my commentary is as good, because there isn’t as much tactics for me to discuss. It is mostly just me sucking at the control difficulty.

I’ve also considered putting a little bit of jnet play on there. I think I’m going to try streaming my next Monday session with @BubbaTheGoat.

If you’re looking for good hardcore rouglikes give Unexplored or Darkest Dungeon a shot. I subbed, I’ll probably watch your invisible inc play.

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