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New Zealand Nationals - Top 8 Cut (LIVE) (Everything up to Universe of Tomorrow Legal)

Hey guys! The New Zealand Nationals Top 8 will begin streaming soon! Everything up to Universe of Tomorrow will be legal! That means you’ll see a lot of Team Sponsorships, a new ID for Jinteki, and maybe someone will hack into some Wireless Net Pavilions to gain some Public Support. Hope you guys enjoy it! The stream will be up soon after posting.

Here’s the top 8 IDs:

1 - Noise / Replicating Perfection
2 - Noise / NEH
3 - Whizzard / EtF
4 - Whizzard / Gagarin
5 - Valencia / Chronos Protocol
6 - Noise / EtF
7 - Geist / NEH
8 - Kate / NEH

Here’s the link:


New Zealand Nationals finals live NOW!
Universe of Tomorrow Legal

final final game starting right now!

Will managed to climb his way back through the losers bracket and win his first game against David in the finals.

Final game two: Will playing Replicating Perfection against David’s Noise to see who is the champion.

Will was the national champion later year, so he’s defending his title. should be a good game