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Newbie Seeking Starter Runner Deck

So I’ve started playing this game, but at this point I’ve only ever been the Corporation.
I’d like to learn how to play as the Runner so as to gain some actual understanding of the game, but in order to learn I have to have a deck to play and building a deck without any real understanding is a daunting task.
So I’d be grateful if someone could just hook me up with a runner deck list that is current in terms of rules and card pool and not too complicated for a beginner, but also reasonable given current meta trends and stuff. Simple but not bad.

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Since you didn’t specify which cards you do own I am guessing you are playing online and you are waiting for the revised core set.

Here is a quick search of netrunnerdb:

These are decks only built with revised core set cards and are “tournament legal” right now (first rotation, banlist, mwl etc.).

If you are playing with the “old” core set here are a couple of decks that might interest you:

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I apologize for being ungrateful for assistance given freely in good faith.
But all of those decks include comments like “this is all the core cards for the faction shuffled together” or “this is something I threw together” and I would strongly prefer a deck that is known to be solid. That way if things aren’t going well for me, I’ll know its my play that needs to be improved and not the deck.

Honestly, I’m not sure there are any solid, current, beginner-friendly decks around at this exact moment. There have been some excellent ones in the past, and I’m sure there will be again soon, but you’ve happened upon a moment when things are kind of in an in-between state. Sorry.

There was a major change to the cardpool just over a month ago which invalidated all the old beginner-friendly decks. Most of those players who one might hope would make new ones have instead been busy preparing for the world championship, which just finished today, so the decks they’ve been working on are (a) not that beginner-friendly and (b) mostly not published yet.

As well, you still haven’t specified what cards you have or whether you’re playing online, which makes it hard to recommend decks that you can actually build.

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Looking through some of the top decks from Worlds, I thought of this thread when I read this bit of the description of TheBigBoy’s Runner deck:

This deck is just good, honest Netrunner. I think it’s a great runner to pick up if you want to work on your fundamentals and improve at the game.

So there you go, a good beginner-friendly deck for the current meta, assuming you are playing online or have the cards for it. Sorry about the delay.