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NEXT Emerald: A King of Servers Tournament (US Nats 2018 Edition)

NEXT Emerald is a King of Servers-style event which will be held on Friday, June 22 (the day before US Nationals) in Seattle. The venue opens (and signups start) at 12PM, with the first round starting at 12:30PM. The event will be wrapped up no later than 5PM. The entry fee will be $15 per player.

The format is mostly identical to the basic King of Servers format. Teams of three register and must bring a set of decks that represent three different Corp factions and three different Runner (mini-)factions. However, in addition, the MWL list is shared across the entire team. Each deck can have a restricted card, but multiple decks cannot select the same restricted card. For example, each of the team’s Runner decks can have Employee Strike, Film Critic, and Aesop’s Pawnshop, respectively-- but two decks cannot both select Employee Strike.

The tournament is expected to be four Swiss rounds of 65 minutes each. Normal Swiss rules will be used, but pairings are done in teams and use total team prestige. Pairings within a team use per-player prestige. Table talk is allowed and encouraged as long as it isn’t detrimental.

Cardpool legality and MWL will be identical to the US Nationals event.

The venue is Optimism Brewing (http://optimismbrewing.com/), a local haunt for Seattle Netrunner players. They offer a drink lineup if you wish to imbibe while running the nets. Outside food is allowed.

We’re still figuring out prize details, but rest easy; we will continue the KoS tradition of creating new
!ruined pictures by awarding the entry fee pool (minus costs) to the top two teams at minimum.

You can register your team (or as a free agent if you’re looking for a team) at http://www.emergencyshutdown.net/kos .

P.S. We realize NEXT Emerald doesn’t fit the King of Servers naming scheme, but we simply like the name too much.


I love the name, and I’m looking forward to the tournament!

For clarification:

Each deck can have a restricted card, but it must be a different restricted card?

So a team could do:

Apex with Employee Strike
Jesminder with Film Critic
Null with Magnum Opus

if they so chose?

PM me if you would like to buy some metal dice (black pip colouring) as prize support, at cost.


That is correct. You just can’t have different Runner or Corp decks choose the same restricted card. I didn’t realize you were coming for Nats!


I’m not coming to Nats, unfortunately, and now double unfortunately, because I’m not coming to this cool event either : (

I really like this twist on the standard King of Servers rules though. Slightly more deckbuilding restrictions to navigate with your team seems fun.

So any word on signing up and prize details. I am confirmed for Nationals and I want to make sure this is happening before I book a hotel/airbnb for an extra night… thanks.

Yes it’s happening. Sign-ups will happen, more soon!

Registration site is live! If you already have a team formed, get it signed up-- otherwise, put yourself down as a free agent.


Many thanks to hermit for setting this up.


Just a bump for this tomorrow. Please note the time! We hope to have streaming set up as well, if we’re lucky, or at least record the games for the ANR time capsule :slight_smile:

I forgot to post this

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Notice how my awesome photoshop skills ignore the hole in the “R”. Now, that’s quality graphic design!

Results: http://cobr.ai/tournaments/335/players/standings

I collected IDs / cards over the course of the event, and here’s the breakdown:

Corp Factions

  • HB - 7
  • Jinteki - 6
  • NBN - 6
  • Weyland - 5

Corp IDs

  • CI - 3
  • Palana - 3
  • Mti - 3
  • Azmari - 3
  • NEXT - 2
  • Argus - 2
  • CTM - 2
  • Gagarin - 1
  • Haarp - 1
  • CB - 1
  • Skorp - 1
  • Asa - 1
  • Jemison - 1

Restricted cards (Corp)

  • GFI - 7
  • Obo - 6
  • FC3 - 3
  • No restricted card - 3
  • Moon - 2
  • Mumba - 1
  • Rewiring - 1
  • Hunter Seeker - 1

Runner Factions

  • Shaper - 7
  • Anarch - 7
  • Criminal - 6
  • Minifaction - 4

Runner IDs

  • Wu - 4
  • Val - 3
  • 419 - 3
  • Geist - 3
  • Adam - 3
  • Queztal - 2
  • Smoke - 1
  • Null - 1
  • Exile - 1
  • Ayla - 1
  • Sunny - 1
  • Freedom - 1

Restricted cards (Runner)

  • Employee Strike - 7
  • Levy - 6
  • Clone Chip - 4
  • Film Critic - 2
  • Aesop’s - 2
  • Gang Sign - 1
  • Tapwarm - 1
  • Magnum Opus - 1

Thanks to everyone who showed up and made it a fun event.