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NEXT King of England


This is the current iteration of a deck that I have been playing and tweaking for a year. I’ve been playing mostly in casual/league/gnk games while I wait for the store championship season to come back around.

The Grail and NEXT ice represent a pretty hefty tax on the runner given how quickly you can set up large ice towers. The economy is solid to support the low to middling cost of the ice package.

My biggest issues with the deck have been heavy Parasite recursion and Kit.

Specific deck lists like this usually go in the untested/non-competitive thread, to avoid clogging up the forum. Only archetypes and IDs as a whole usually warrant their own thread. Not saying this is untested and/or non-competitive; that thread is more a catch-all for deck lists. Just a friendly tip (:


Is there a NEXT Design thread yet? If not, this could be it. No reason that ID shouldn’t get its own thread if people play it.


There is a thread. Perhaps the mods can move the list there?


With regard to this list, I actually like it a lot. The only thing that stands out to me is the 3 copies of food. Do you find the 3rd one to be worth it? If you play a single Vitruvius instead, it doesn’t change your agenda density any but saves you an influence, which is huge in NEXT. It would allow you to get that 3rd Jackson or 2nd Lancelot (though I am not sure what you cut for either of those).


I like the name of this thread more than the other one. :wink:


This sort of deck is indeed vulnerable to Parasite - even a Kate deck with one in is a problem.

An issue with NEXT is also that you tend to not have enough money early to rez all the ICE you’re putting down and the poor influence makes it a weak identity.

Having played Foundry last Store Champs season, I’d definitely recommend that. Advantages:

Full 15 influence - have all the Lancelots and Jacksons, why scrimp?
ABT protection - you only need to see one ICE off the ABT and you can immediately reshuffle in other cards if they’re not things you want to go in Archives (no need to be scared of firing without Jackson on the table)
You can draw up NEXT or Grail ICE as you rez on, so you can guarantee synergy.

I’d also recommend moving to a more asset-based economic package, removing GLC (fine if you’re using Foundy), and two Melange for 2x Breaker Bay Grid and 3x Eve.

People tend to find 2x Food a good balance - three of them are you’re possibly suffering from fat agendas and not getting them when you want to score them. If you’re sticking to your NEXT plan then you want more than 1x Lancelot to be honest (and preferable moar Jackson).


Has anyone tried out special offer in NEXT design? It seems like a pretty handy economy option, I know I’d run 3 if it were in faction but 2 influence is steep when you’ve already 3 behind.

I’ve used Sweeps in Foundry before now, which provides more consistent burst econ.

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There’s better economy options I think. Since NEXT is starved for influence, it should probably stick to the current Breaker Bay Grid + Adonis and Eve combo for it’s main economy. Spending half of your influence on ICE that are at best a Hedge Fund doesn’t seem like a good move.

Sweeps is nuts in NEXT especially with Andromeda in the meta at all. You see the most cards turn 1 of any Corp, so your chances of picking up multiple sweeps against her is relatively high. Add to that the fact that it’s a rush ID and you’ve got a match made in heaven.

You seem to be saying “Sweeps is nuts” - I’m not sure what NEXT has to do with it, except the lack of influence to support three comfortably… :wink:


That is a downside, but my point was more that NEXT Design is particularly good with Sweeps since Sweeps is particularly good turn 1 (highest guaranteed value against most runners, only chance to hit the 9 card Andy) and NEXT Design is primed to draw the most cards turn 1 of any corp without fear of self-flooding. Seeing a Sweeps plus 3 ICE in NEXT Design against Andy is sweet because you’ll draw 3 more cards before click 1 and increase your chances to see 2 :smiley:

I mentioned it because you mentioned Sweeps and the thread is about NEXT :slight_smile: Influence does make the Grail + Sweeps combo nigh impossible in NEXT, though.

I actually found NEXT has a flooding problem because you clear your hand of ice and draw up to three more cards. You’re much more likely to have 2+ Agendas in hand has been my experience!

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Isn’t that ideal, though? If you’ve dropped 3 ICE you’ve probably got one on the remote. Hedge/Sweeps + second ICE + install agenda is a solid turn one play.

Yeah. Gotta rush em out at lightning pace in this ID, so I kinda like that it has a tendency to do that. Best NEXT design turn is a 2 deep gear check server, abt installed and 9 creds from hedge fund. Though that is often ‘living the dream’ it happens more regularly than you would think.

FA Rush Next

NEXT Design: Guarding the Net (Creation and Control)

Agenda (11)

Asset (1)

Upgrade (1)

Operation (15)

Barrier (7)

Code Gate (8)

Sentry (5)

Other (1)

12 influence spent (max 12)
20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)
49 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Kala Ghoda

Deck built on NetrunnerDB.

Based on this list http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/31579/fa-rush-next

I took this List to a store championships and got first after swiss and runner up in the cut.

The deck was 4-2 on day and I didn’t get a chance to play it in the finals.

deck beat a (reg)Wizard, Jesminder, Kate and lost to a Leela(mainly cause i messed up ice placement) in Swiss
and in top cut I lost to the same Wizard I beat on a HQ access for game then beat a more faust focused Wizard.

Domestic sleepers was pretty clutch, think I won two on it from hand, and once a fast track biotic, domestic sleepers when I only had 6 credits.

If I didn’t win on Domestic sleepers I definatly won off of an early Advance Concept Hopper letting me stay economically ahead to score and rez card, or defend hq on those final turns before I push out the points.

Only big change I would make is cut Ryon for an overwriter, archive memories, or another piece of ice. I might cut guard but their was a large number of crims around the weekend before.

This deck looks particularly weak to the new Whizzard Faust / Cutlery builds - have you have much practice against them? Notably they play Turntable, making Domestic Sleepers a particular liability.

Against Faust Cutlery decks they still need to draw the right cutlery, not only that but I run 8 anti-AI Ice, so they’ll have to use a David counter if the want to break my big ice and the ice faust can break is pretty darn cheap so Im getting tempo if they want to spend cutlery to get rid of it.

As for domestic sleepers and Turn Table it is just one card in my deck. If they steal it with a turntable installed its not that much worst that if I was running breaking news, which I totally would if I could. They still have to steal 4 agendas but one of which gets to be Sleeper and I still have to score 4 agendas total, because when they give Sleepers I can click it.

Congrats on taking NEXT, I love the ID but think it hasn’t aged well.

Things I remember from my deck:

  • Ice which helps your economy is good, stuff like pop up, shadow or special offer. I don’t think there’s an ideal number of ice, but you should aim to have a decent chance to start with 3 in hand. This way you can mulligan any hand which doesn’t includes at least 2 early game ice. I’d aim for 23-26 ice
    -I prefer Blue level over Green level, Green just seems not do enough, especially in a deck where every card that isn’t ice needs to have a good reason to be there.
    -I only seemed to be able to trigger successful demo the turns I wanted to 3x advance (the runner bounced of my remote).
    -I’d 3x biotic definitely
    -I think the media blitz - man upg combo is a bit too fancy for NEXT, it’s probably better out of ETF. A long game will likely be a lost game for you.