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Uk/US/US/Aus/Uk etc


Maybe there will be cultural imports in the design someday.

I really wanted to be part of Nisei.
Is recruitment permanently closed?

There are people from (at least) Spain, Germany and Greece. I fail to see the issue here.


Because the article fails to describe it…

EDI stands for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.


I looked it up when I first read it and thought it was computer stuff. Thanks for clarifying. UACC.

(Unknown acronyms cause confusion)

Did you apply for anything? Did anyone you know?

We went through this before, we can’t force people who didn’t show interest to take on a role. We’re also not going to recruit people who don’t have the right skills because they’re from an under-represented region.


Web Developer and Translator roles will be recruited for shortly, and Playtesters are being recruited as per Other Business on that article.

Everything else is closed at the moment, although we’ll have to rerecruit if people decide to leave so I wouldn’t say “permanently”. What kind of role were you interested in? Recruitment was open for almost a month and we weren’t quiet about it :frowning:

Perhaps it would be good to showcase this? I think we all agree we would like to have the best people and showing names might not be useful. But it might help to show the number of applications from non English speaking countries? Like for the initial application for the lead positions. No names needed, but it would help to see like: 150 applications, 5 from non English speaking countries.


It’s probably fine. Nisei has a huge job to do. There are things that we can reasonably expect that they do to insure that people don’t feel excluded. I am glad that that is prioritised. That said, I believe that there is a better use of people’s time than self-auditing indiscriminately. Don’t think that I suggest ignoring complaints. I only ask that time and effort not be wasted on the spurious and or vacuous.

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In the content creation team, I see only @ZiNOS ?

Are you telling it’s ok because you put like 5-10% of non English speakers ?
This is perfectly consanguinous.

I am currently doing a draft with someone from Malaysia who is on the team.

At the end of the day, this is a luxury product that originated in the US. From a geographical diversity standpoint, it’s doing a damn fine job.


Good job replying to only one of the many points that were raised against you.

TBH I’m kinda surprised that europe of all places is the one complaining that their worldview isn’t represented enough. Feels like anything western is almost certainly going to have its roots go back to european settlement. There are a lot of other places I’d have liked to have seen some diverse options come through from, but unfortunately as RealityCheque says they can only accept people if they actually apply.


NISEI, in my opinion, has done a decent job of creating a diverse staff. There are several members of our team for whom English is not a first language. Most of our applicants were not asked where they physically reside and certainly were not asked their ethnicity or heritage. I don’t know which application belongs to you and I’m sorry that you didn’t make the cut but I assure you that was based entirely on the skills (or lack thereof) in your application.

I no longer think this discussion is continuing in good faith and so I will be locking this thread.


Appropriate action has been taken regarding the recurring thread derailments. Let’s move on and celebrate the new team members.