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NISEI Card Ideas

Card ideas and concepts that NISEI can pull from when making cards.

Surveyor, but more balanced for Glacier builds (maybe something like X=2+1 for each ice protecting this server (so kind of like Seidr Adaptive Barrier). I say this as a glacier corp who loves Surveyor. Maybe a Seidr Adaptive Sentry in HB?

A Shaper killer that completes the Laamb-Engolo set by allowing you to turn ice into a sentry (and thereby finally making Persephone Tier 1!)

More 2.0 and 3.0 Bioroids!

2.0 and 3.0 Bioroids may be unneeded due to reusing the design space. Although adding more staples like Eli and Ichi couldn’t hurt.
However, for weaker bioroids like Sherlock, they can reintroduce those designs into the meta and as new content. Perhaps another Markus or Hudson?

The Shaper theme includes weak sentries, so adding a sentry breaker efficient enough to use on non-sentry ice seems off. For breaking sentries overall, the other two can more than compensate. However, i agree with your Persephone argument. Perhaps in Criminal who specializes in sentries, also helps to buff the faction overall.

One thing that always bothered me was the sheer amount of unused cards, content, and mechanics in the game due to being weak and under-powered.

New cards that assist these would reintroduce the weaker cards to the meta, making new content more impactful.

For example, something that rewards revealing cards from HQ would make Bug, Predictive Analyzer, Executive Wiretaps, Enhanced Vision, and Embezzle.

A remake of Security Subcontract would combo with Burke Bugs and Amazon Industrial Zone.

One of the perks of relistening to podcasts is that you relearn about the cards that came out and can think about how they fit in now when they seemed kind of meh at the time.

I’ve been trying out Henry Phillips in an Acme deck. I want to use the combo to give me enough money to increase the money available for an Ash trace but the parts either don’t come together or the runner has already given up on my remote by the time they do :-/