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NISEI Click One: Making An Entrance


Originally published at: https://stimhack.com/nisei-click-one-making-an-entrance/

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Excited to see plans for continuing OP are already underway!

Good luck team.


Glad to see the “Who is Who” seguing nicely into “Who wants to do What”, with a very timely mention of “More Whos Needed Soon” :wink:

No, I am not a rented NISEI fanboy. I just really like what’s going on at the moment around my favourite game.


Can confirm, no payments made to Exile :smiley:


As a matter of fact, I already have a rough schedule for 2019 and the first orders for prize support went out today. There’ll be some teasers at Magnum Opus :slight_smile:


Puts away suitcase filled with cash

Ahem. Yes. No payoffs here. Everyone who is voicing their support for NISEI is doing of their own free will and without compensation.

Looks around and starts whistling…


It’s great to read about the experience everyone is bringing to these roles; it really emphasises that this is a serious project focused on finding the right people for the job. I have to confess to having been a little cynical and thinking that there might end up being an element of cliquiness to NISEI that just resulted in well-known community names filling many of the positions, but I’m very happy to have been proved wrong.


So happy to see how NISEI is shaping up, can’t wait to see what comes from it


Down with the king !

Long live the king !



Forgive my ignorance, what is the difference between a designer and a developer? In my head, these terms were interchangeable.


Designer makes the card ideas, developer makes the numbers work.


Thanks for that. I kind of got that impression reading the original post. Good to know though.


I am now incredibly interested in the rules interaction that @jakodrako apparently used…


He said it won’t be revealed until NISEI corrects it.


Ooh! That sounds notoriously like an exploit!