NISEI Core Experience Online Tournament 26-27 Jan (top cut Feb 3)

I’m sure you’ve all already seen this on social media, but just in case, here’s a link to our next online tournament: 2nd NISEI Online Tournament: Core Experience - Null Signal Games

Hope to see lots of you there! :slight_smile:



Will there also be more eternal tournaments? It would be really nice to get something every quarter at least.

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Hey @CryofFrustration, I’d love to play but am a noob at Discord. Can you (or another fine person) point me in the right direction… do I need to download something?



You can find the client for a desktop computer on their website:

There is also an Android app and presumably an iPhone app as well.

Either way, you will need to make a Discord account!

Yep! Planning on doing them at least quarterly :slight_smile:

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You can also use it within your browser.

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Hey there! Actually you don’t need to download anything! We’ll email you a link to a chatroom on our server, and it’ll run in your browser. You don’t even need a registered Discord account - if you don’t have one, you just pick a temporary username for the session when you enter a chatroom! Also, you definitely don’t need a microphone - we just need to gather all the players in a single place so we can announce when pairings are up as well as round start/end times, so text chat only is enough. It’s also the way by means we’ll check that everyone who’s registered has turned up, and the best way to contact a judge if you need one. But there’s really no prerequisites at all, or anything you need to know in advance to use it! :slight_smile:

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There’s definitely going to be more Eternal stuff as well, I loved watching all that degenerate nonsense we saw! We just have to push the new cards out the door before we can finalise a new Eternal MWL, plus I think we’ll be pretty much out of GNKs after this tournament so we’ll have to get the Q2 kits before we can organise anything else! :open_mouth: