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NISEI Game Night Kits


I would also prefere to see the GNK without Mat. Playmats are very nice prices for Championships. As Chaostherie wrote, the GNK should be for casual events. My goal is, that at the end of each GNK Season every player has a full playset of the GNK cards.
Instead of a playmat 1 additional copy of the “ID” price would be great. With 2 Kits I would get 34 x Rashida Jaheem + 10 x Titan Transnational, perfect for a 10 player Meta. The best players can have an additional Rashida. Thats perfect for CASUAL events. This prices can also be played over two tournaments and most of players share cards at the end of the season.


I can see the argument for offering the kit without the mat, although I think someone from NISEI said somewhere that it wouldn’t even reduce the cost of the kit very much.

One solution to the problem of a top-heavy prize kit would be to only distribute the cards as prizes for the GNK and save the mat(s) as extra prizes for your Store Champs or other special event down the line? I expect these mats will be quite sought after if the availability is time-limited, so having a couple up for grabs in 6 months time could be a great way to draw players to your event!