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I was looking for the Nisei Store on DriveThru and MPC but haven’t been able to find them. Am I bad at internetting? If there’s a link to the specific location where we can snap purchase, can you post it please? Thanks!


The stores are not available yet, you have to wait until Monday for the official release.






I do love this story so much, because there is so much in it one can interpret.
Those three blocks are like reflecting what happened to ANR since last year.
The Beanstalk getting disrupted is like a symbol of the game falling off FFGs hands and how we suddenly got cut off.
Then, this warm story of Jose and Miguel, enjoying each other’s company while talking about family stuff and having a great lunch - for me, that’s like the community that gathered afterwards and stood together in high spirit in hard times.
And last, Caprice encountering those shady figures in ShadowNet represents those Nisei people that build up the new ANR, saying "We rise against tyranny, we will make our own world, and we will not be silenced.”

Well written, meaningful and loaded with symbols and metaphors. Thank you.






MWL update http://nisei.net/article/MWL32
Mti banned :heart_eyes:


Is the ‘Organized Play Formats’ document going to be updated?