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No more Netrunner

Not sure what to say…


At least from FFG…

Can we please have a final format and MWL for the game that includes rotated cards for ANR the DCG.


no :frowning_face:

here’s hoping something can rise from the ashes


Going through all the stages of grief at once: denial, anger, bargaining, depression.


Holy crap, this was sudden…

On top of everything else, kind of a bummer that some of the more problematic cards will just never rotate out as the current state of the game will now probably be the permanent final state of the game indefinitely.

Is it taboo or premature to suggest that maybe the future of the game, ie: new community approved cards or community discussed tweaks to the MWL going forward might grow out of j-net and, if so, how would the community build consensus on that sort of a system in the future?

Would there be some value is going through the history of netrunner and creating a “Final Cardpool” for the game, and establish a card pool that spans the history of Netrunner’s most well-designed cards?

FFG did a fantastic job with the game, obviously. And perhaps it is fine to admit the the design space for the game was reaching it’s limits (particularly on the runner side). But leaving the game in it’s current state in perpetuity seems a bad/random place to just stop it dead.

Also, a note on history. When the original Netrunner was discontinued, there were rabidly active communities full of people designing expansions that got a fair amount of play in their little niche. Today’s community is 100 times bigger than those were. Obviously copyright law is the enemy of creative communities trying to express this passions in many cases like this, but FFG and Wizards both have pretty magnanimous histories toward their player communities passion projects. I’d like to see a conversation about how we continue to expand the game post-6/8.


Really shocked to see this. It’s the only card game I’ve ever truly gotten into.

As for the card pool and rules, if it’s not officially supported then the community has free reign to come up with its own. There’s a lot of fun that can and I’m sure will be had by this community for a long time to come. It’s a wonderful group of people.


Me too. was my first and only “lifestyle game.” Figured things were on a slight upswing. Euros felt like a really good sign too.


It was a great run. Fingers crossed for some kind of replacement down the road.

I have enjoyed the game, the people who play it, the forums, the convos, and most importantly, this forum/site.



There has got to be a final format + MWL for ANR the DCG other than just the final state…even if the community makes it.

I’d like to see 1) all the cards in, 2) influence based MWL, 3) any number of infl hit up to 25 pips.

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FFG does.
Wizards… Well, most places still can’t say Mind Flayer or Beholder. They’ve mellowed a little in recent times, but…

I want one but I’m just not hopeful. :frowning:
Anyone know of an asymmetrical deckbuilding game where you don’t have to trust random luck on getting the cards you need?
(I’d love it if WotC made Netrunner stuff with better OP and continued the LCG model, but I just don’t see any way it happens.)

Terrinoth: Netrunner

Ffg seems to have a hard time keeping licenses… Netrunner was a really unique system, I don’t think I have played a competitive game that could be as tense as an match of netrunner. And then you swap sides and have a completely different experience.

I feel like Jinteki automatically makes it many times more likely the game continues going forward than it did for old NR.

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it’d be cool to get some spoken history of netrunner project going, where we could memorialise the game and how it’s changed over the years from a community perspective


sadly i think ANR’s replacement will be decidedly not netrunner, but rather Android: Legend of the Throne Wars with lots of one action per turn, lots of phases and multiple ways you can commit cards per phase, but you have to decide if you’ll go super aggressive early or not…

basically not anywhere near as good a game as netrunner but still with the Android IP


Well, a sad day to be sure. Hopefully WOTC does something with the IP and does not just sit on it.

Not sure what to do with Stimhack going forward.


FFG now being owned by Asmodee also probably complicated things wrt to WotC (i.e. Hasbro) renewing the license.

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I really enjoyed this game and was just getting into it. However, I have noticed a trend on LCG style games. It may be an unpopular opinion, but here it goes.

LCG games are just not as big of a money maker as TCG such as Star Wars: Destiny or MtG. The reason behind this is you pay a nominal fee and get all the cards, just like everyone else so there is very little pay to play. In games like Star Wars: Destiny or MtG, you will continue the need of purchasing Booster packs or Booster boxes to get all the cards needed. This means more money infused into the product.

A 6 month Cycle of LCG is normally 15 * 6 + deluxe Expansion of 30 = 120 bucks. This is roughly the same price as one booster box per Expansion of Star Wars: Destiny or MtG. We all know you will have no where near the cards needed to build a competitive deck on either side with one booster box, so you end up buying two or three per expansion as well as buying singles of what you need.

Star Wars LCG just got ended as well now as ANR. It appears that the life cycle of an LCG sits right around the 5-6 year mark (Star Wars started in 2012 and ANR about the same time I believe.