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No more Netrunner


FFG wanted to lose the license and probably asked WoC not to renew it, giving them the perfect excuse to drop a mess of a card game.

Well so long all, and thanks for all the fish.



I believe your comment is definitely sincere. :upside_down_face:


This is also an … erm… valid theory?. Anyway, when do we start funding the #savenetrunner banner we’re going to fly over WoTC/FFG/Amazon headquarters?




Tbh, if I want to shut down production on a card game which struggled for some time with a mildly successful relaunch, I would go the same route. Just say that there were issues with the license and you couldn’t come to a proper agreement with the other party. This way I can dodge the community backlash, can shift the blame in another direction and still be the good guy.


If that possibility was in the cards (er, so to speak), why did they waste a bunch of money by relaunching it when they did, though? Okay, well, maybe they had high hopes for the relaunch but sales didn’t meet their goal. But in that case why did all the copies they printed go out of stock almost immediately?

Frankly, nothing about this theory makes much sense.

It’s been…nice knowing you?


network effect


People were excited to draw a twelve person GNK. Splintering that play group would kill the game.


As a counterpoint, see Bang! vs. LTK.


Fellow fans, thank you for your years of service.


It is - I have an account on here from years ago, but couldn’t remember the log in details. So created a new one.


So, if Wizards did this to produce their own Netrunner, will you guys buy in? They did quite recently hire Lukas, after all…




Lukas has said whatever he’s working on isn’t NR-related. Although that may be a bluff due to NDA’s…

But… maybe? It would definitely depend on what they end up doing with it.

If it’s back to random boosters? Oh fuck no, that doesn’t work. Especially when you have to build two decks out of the card pool.

They’d have to make a really compelling case.


I’d probably give it a try, but I’d be pretty hesitant to go all-in. A lot would depend on the setting. The Android Universe sets the bar pretty high.

Someone has speculated that maybe Wizards pulled it back to relaunch it in concert with Cyberpunk 2077, since that’s the sequel to the original setting. I don’t think that’s likely at all. But if I’m wrong and that is their plan, the high number of mostly-naked women in the Cyberpunk 2077 promo images will dramatically reduce the odds of me trying the relaunch.


I was speculating that Wizards may be valuing the Netrunner property higher, due to the fact that FFG revitalized the Netrunner property, and CD PROJEKT RED is having a new Cyberpunk 2077 puts more value in the Netrunner name.

Unfortunately, if WotC does another Netrunner game I really don’t think I’ll be dipping my toes in it. Not only have their recent choices MtG been questionable and reeked of them not understanding their own playerbase. I started due to the gameplay and the setting. It’ll have the gameplay, but it’ll be missing that wonderfully diverse setting that I love.


Even if WotC is valuing the Netrunner property at the same amount it was originally launched at, that’s probably too high for FFG, as the game is nowhere near as popular as it was a few years ago.

I do think there’s a chance WotC may have talked with CD Projekt Red and they were willing to offer more. I doubt WotC wants to release Netrunner themselves, but I could see CD Projekt doing a mini-launch of digital Netrunner as part of their Cyberpunk 2077 game like they did with Gwent in Witcher 3. It’d be better than nothing, but I would really miss in person Netrunner.


As i mentioned above, i’m more interested to see if FFG come out with an upgrade. Hasbro isn’t a company i’m keen to throw my credits at, and MtG doesn’t fill me with confidence. Michael Boggs though, is still to show his hand.


I doubt FFG/Asmodee wants to piss off WotC/Hasbro by releasing a Netrunner ripoff. Their owners would love to sell the company to Hasbro someday, for one thing.


Man, I just caught up going over the new cards. The cards in the new cycle are some of most interesting cards I’ve seen in so long. We end here? That’s really disappointing. I really wish something could be done on FFG’s side of things. How was the meta with the newest cycle? I may have to enjoy the last few months with my old Netrunner rival again.