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[Noise] Welcome (back) to the Church

Yes, I was thinking about it yesterday. If I were to save 2-4 influence I would be thinking about scavenge to reset imps or turn them into Parasites, especially after Inject becomes a thing. (Really, I’m concentrating my thoughts on worlds right now).

As much as I would love to play Aesops/Wyldside, as it is super powerful, I am really concerned that it’s just not consistent enough. It’s also probably just worse vs NEH because it takes a little bit to get going, though I’m not really as sure about that.

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I have no idea if Noise will ever be considered Tier whatever but these new Cache enhanced variations are a blast to play. I’m rarely poor and even if I am it’s never for long, I spam out viruses and just run with it.

@mediohxcore Could you elaborate on the consistency doubts? What draws/scenarios are you afraid of? I feel like the cards are independently quite good and have just kicked Wyldside up to 3 copies. Scavenge is definitely an option though and directly competes with Aesop’s for the slot.

@chrism6794 Queen’s Gambit, threw this into a Reina deck last week. Played it once, on a server NBN knew I could get into for 1 credit, NAPD. The marginal advantage over the next best economy option is probably not much more than a credit. You’ve got the risk of giving the corp a free turn, dead draw in some matchups and if the corp thinks you’re running 3 they can adjust by playing Marked Accounts, Jackson or whatever else, rezzed. Powerful card though, I’m sure it’ll see play one day.

D4V1D is strong but in a dozen games with it I haven’t been able to use it once. Many HBFA and RP builds have nothing over 4 strength. With NBN, aside from Wraparound, you’re looking at 1 or 2 copies of Tollbooth. Free with Aesop’s is fantastic though so even with my meta I’ll keep a copy around. Interestingly I’d rather have it in my archives than my hand as a clonechip option midrun. I feel like if I did pre-install it they’re just not going to rez that big Tollbooth.

In that game against HBFA with a D4V1D in hand the big ice I was facing were Ichi 1.0, Mother Goddess and Lotus Field; strength 4 Atman would have been perfect. Steep influence cost though, going to try a single copy. I see it usually working in more of a lategame role, dramatically increasing efficiency on heavily iced servers.

How do you guys feel about the Medium count? 1 game in 5 it wins the game by itself, 2 games in 5 it piles up in my grip. Tempted to cut one for another breaker.

Gorman Drip was one of my favourite cards last time I played Noise but I agree it ain’t what it used to be. I’ve had it turned off by Gila in HB and PE, then you’ve got RP and NEH with all that drip and Jackson back to 3 copies in everything. With Lamprey and Cache it also has competition as a 1 cost virus (Easy Mark R&D access). Still, I find I can usually make a corp click for credits early, especially with an imp to increase HQ and asset economy pressure. If your economy is lean enough that you are relying on Gorman it’ll probably let you down. But if you can afford to leave it out until you need the MU or are looking purgeable it can pile up nicely.

Thought it might be interesting to create an influence hierarchy for how I’m thinking about the deck right now. Doesn’t take into account several things but let me know how your thoughts differ. Some cards have diminishing returns like Aesop’s or Corroder where your marginal value is basically the increased draw chance. Whereas a card like Cache you’re as happy with the 3rd copy as the 1st. In order of decreasing value:


With one influence left Gorman is sneaking into my deck over another copy of something else right now.

Another card I think we should take a look at is SMC. Steep influence but you can fetch the great Anarch breakers, instant parasite, D4V1D, Medium, Nerve Agent, Keyhole even. Definitely would add consistency.

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I have been running and streaming with a different version of Noise. It uses Oracle May and 42 programs, instead of Pawnshop/Wyldside.

At first I thought it would be too much of a gimmick, but I find it surprisingly okay so far. The deck is not as dead as I expected if you don’t get an Oracle quickly. I find that getting 2 credits and 1 draw is usually better than getting 2 cards off Wyldside, and being optional definitely helps. Economy ends up not being a problem due to Sahasrara, Scheherazade and Cache. Especially the Sahasrara is a great program, the influence cost not being an issue in this deck.

Would love to hear some thoughts or suggestions. I will be streaming again about 19h after this post at twitch.tv/khalarel/ if you want to see the deck in action. It will be on the league, so there will be Corp games in there but I will try to make them quick (wink nbn wink).

Noise Oracle

Noise: Hacker Extraordinaire (Core Set)

Resource (3)
3x Oracle May (Honor and Profit) •••

Icebreaker (8)
2x Corroder (Core Set)
3x Knight (Mala Tempora)
2x Mimic (Core Set)
1x Yog.0 (Core Set)

Program (34)
3x Cache (The Spaces Between) •••
2x D4v1d (The Spaces Between)
3x Datasucker (Core Set)
3x Djinn (Core Set)
3x Gorman Drip v1 (Opening Moves) •••
3x Imp (What Lies Ahead)
3x Lamprey i[/i]
3x Medium (Core Set)
2x Nerve Agent (Cyber Exodus)
3x Parasite (Core Set)
3x Sahasrara (Creation and Control) ••••• •
3x Scheherazade (Second Thoughts)

15 influence spent (max 15)
45 cards (min 45)
Cards up to The Spaces Between

Deck built on NetrunnerDB.


ooh this looks fun. what would happen if those rahrahs became 3x opus ?

my other thought was -2 gormann drips for a single copy of hostage to help make sure may is up and going on turn 1.

I’ve been playing a bit with @spags’s Pepper Mill list, which is heaps of fun, though @mediohxcore is right in that it takes a while to get Wyldside / Pawnshop going. Once I do, I’ve got plenty of credits, sure, and probably plenty of raw cards. The scenario that has been frustrating with this deck is the zero-Parasite draw. I can spam cheap viruses and pray all I want, but you really want to be able to get into servers, especially centrals, and this deck has difficulty when you can’t. Parasite makes it a lot easier to get into servers, makes your Deja Vus and Clone Chips a lot more threatening, enables Medium to do more than just mill a single card for three credits, etc. Losing a click to draw two cards and then feeling like I have to keep drawing through my deck deeper while my opponent is building out their position with no pressure is pretty rough. It doesn’t matter if I have credits and do-nothing cards (Lamprey) if I can’t ever make a profitable run.

N.B.: Most of my Noise games have been on casual Netrunner nights or random OCTGN matches, since all the cool kids have been off playing at GenCon or testing for Worlds or whatever, so I’m not facing a lot of NEH in these matches. More testing by better players needed.

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Can always dump in Djinn, if you’re desperate.

I’d almost drop the Diesels for another LF and 2 more QT.

Lots of options here, depending on how aggro one wants to go v. how much milling and recursion one wants.

The more I wrap my head around noise the more I think the perfect starting hand is 3x lucky find, Sure gamble, and djinn. The only limiting factor to djinn is the amount of money you have to throw at it. Inject is gonna be huge. Gets you right to the event econ when you need it.


Rather than trying to guarantee Parasite with Djinn I think that deck just needs a couple more breakers. Maybe go down to 2 copies of Sc…cough…ade and 2 Lamprey for a 2nd Crypsis and a Knight or D4V1D?

So, when I was building Noise a few months ago, I went with this idea and found that everything was pretty clunky, I didn’t have enough money to warrant playing QT a lot of the time, but also didn’t have the cards I needed to really pressure the corp. I know, it makes sense to save influence and play QT over Diesel in theory, but in reality, QT can be problematic for decks without a lot of money to throw around, (anything but Andy, Prepaid Kate, Opus decks). Drawing 2 is especially bad, as if you build up enough money to justify playing one of them and then miss on econ with it, you’re often dead in the water.

As soon as I slotted those 2 Diesel, I realized that they were the 2nd best card in the whole deck, (after Parastie), and I am never going back. It digs you deeper, makes you more consistent, and isn’t reliant on basically anything to be very good. It’s always awesome. You always want more cards. It’s possible that after cutting Nerve Agent, Djinn, and all the other clunky do-nothingish viruses for more economy cards, you can get away with more QT but Diesel is, for sure, really, really, really good in Noise. It makes me super excited to play with Inject when it comes out.

Basically, don’t knock the Diesels until you try them. I know they’re 2 influence, but they’re totally worth it.


I was trying 3 QT in Noise and just didn’t play one in the like 4-5 games I played. The deck had less econ than it should’ve, but even then I feel like Diesel is a lot better.

And yes, Inject will be amazing!

I think for 3 QT to be any good, you need to play an assload of economy. Like: 2 Lucky Find, 2-3 Liberated, 3 Gamble, 3 Dirty, 3 Daily, 3 Cyberfeeder, and then you’re doing okay, MAYBE.

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This is pretty much why my Whizzard deck uses Express Delivery over Quality Time. Saves significantly on money while still giving me a 3-of draw-booster without losing the Desperados or Security Testings. Quality time just isn’t always worth it if you’re paying full price.


Is haemorrhage and legwork a thing? Maybe not a noise thing, but a thing in general that sounds like it could be good in noise.

2 inf for Diesel sounds like such a waste, but I agree that it’s often worth it. Duggar’s is in the next pack. Who knows if that’s a thing!?! Express delivery might be worth a look in a deck with wyldside.

Hemo and Legwork go VERY well together. I have been trying to find a way to get it to work in Reina for a while. Mostly because if you even force one discard and run your legwork, you will almost certainly hit an agenda. All for the price of two hemo counters and two clicks.

There was a Ken deck that won a tournament I believe. I think if you’re trying for that, Ken is the place to do it. So many of the cards that get the most out of Haemorrhage are Criminal (Doppelganger/Desperado, Security Testing, Legwork being the main ones) and Ken gives you the influence to make it happen. If you wanted to run it out of Anarch I think you want to be running it out of Whizzard so you pick up tokens from all the asset trashing runs. It also runs best with the fixed-breaker set, as they enable cheap runs.

Noise just won German nationals.


That’s crazy, any news on the list?

Just saw the announcement on twitter. I’m sure the list will come out soon.