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Noise Workshop

Anyone who watches our stream knows I am a huge fan of viruses and having tons of money. I figured presenting the decklist I am currently using and planning to take to Regionals could perhaps provide some insight to other players or give them the foundation to build solid decklists themselves.

Noise: Hacker Extraordinaire

Programs: 18
3 Datasucker
3 Parasite
3 Crypsis
3 Medium
3 Imp
3 Djinn

Hardware: 6
3 Cyberfeeder
3 Grimoire

Resources: 13
3 Aesop’s Pawnshop (6 Influence)
2 Personal Workshop (8 Influence)
3 Armitage Codebusting
2 Kati Jones
3 Wyldside

Events: 8
1 Easy Mark (1 Influence)
2 Stimhack
3 Sure Gamble
2 Deja Vu

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What do you think about using cyberfeeders instead of some one of breakers? Is it worth the loss of mimic and yog to justify using them?

Why not include at least 1 nerve agent over a 3rd medium? I think regionals is dominated by tagnbag and HB fast advance which get crushed by nerve agent + imp, why not include 1 to fetch with djinn?

Otherwise, nice list. I think the third pawnshop will be worth it.

I have played with both mimic and Yog in the noise decklist and they were fairly terrible. Corroder is the only breaker that was worth playing. Otherwise just Crypsis them when you need accesses. I would not cut a meduim for nerve agent, but your welcome to add one if you think running the hand is what you want to do. It is fairly strong against HB, but everyone else has a handful of snares a lot of the time. Imp is generally enough to punish the fast advance archetype. If you are in fear of tag n’ bag i would add a couple plascretes probably in place of cyberfeeders

That makes sense, I like the back-up plan cyberfeeder provides for when you don’t get a workshop.

Kind of along the same lines, what made you decide to play 3 grimoires in this deck? I would think the extra memory is less crucial if you aren’t using anarch breakers.

Grimoire really makes the workshops significantly better. Allowing you to pull crypsis off a workshop mid run and use it without trashing is pretty powerful.

Indeed, Grimoire is not in the deck for the memory, although that is great too.
You really want the free virus counters.

Figured Id ask since when I see you stream you never install your grimoires