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Noob mother goddess question

Does mother goddess gain things like NEXT and Grail or just barrier, code gate, sentry?


Yes, all subtypes. All ICE is type ICE, and everything more specific than that is sub type.

EDIT: does it have Grail subtype in hand? I’d say no since card text isn’t active generally if it’s not installed, but Grail ICE have at least their subtype active in hand, or the whole suite would be null.


It gains ALL subtypes. And all means… all :smile:

Classic (and only competitive?) Use is in hb with next ices, as it increases the numbzr of next ices rezzed.

Cool thanks, that’s what my friend thought but I was just using it early game to require AIbreaker. It’s much better than I thought then (well, in a next deck).

Thanks again!

Card types are always active, but Mother Goddess’s type-changing ability is not itself a card type.

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Yeah, since cards are blank in hand, Mother Goddess wouldn’t say anything in regards to grail.

yes, though it does have one other use,

is a great reason to include it in many ICE-light rush decks.

Yep it often makes a pretty good include in Blue Sun as well, as you can often pick up the other rezzed pieces of ICE at some point in early-mid game, minimizing the subtypes gained by Mother Goddess. And also you can pick up MOther Goddess itself when it becomes useless :smile:

I’ve also seen a deck with nothing but Mother Goddess, Paper Wall and Excalibur. Did an embarrassingly good job of keeping me out :sob: