North Austin, Texas Regular Casual Play?

I’ve been trying to find out where there’s a meta near me in north Austin. I saw in another thread that some folks at least used to play at Emerald Tavern on Thursday evenings, but that was from January of last year. Is that still a thing? The timing and location are pretty perfect for me.

If that’s not a thing, is there another evening Netrunner thing that goes on? in the same general area that folks know of?

My understanding is they’re at ET from 6 to close on Thursdays (I’m not from Austin, but I know some of the guys from there).They’ve got a pretty active Facebook group, that might be the best place to ask. “Android Netrunner Austin City Grid”

Yeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh. I don’t have and won’t make a Facebook account.

However: Thanks. Maybe I’ll just show up one Thursday and see what I see.

Thursday at Emerald Tavern from about 7pm - midnight is the regular day for casual play. ET is, unfortunately, inconsistent about running GNK events. But for that we have a regular GNK night at Dragon’s Lair on the second Wednesday of each month.

Doomrat is correct in that most sudden playgroups or random tournaments are handled via Facebook. That said, if you’re attending the regular Thursday meetup you’ll definitely hear of any surprise GNK or bigger tournament events.

Thanks, @m4ttress! Maybe I’ll see you around one of those places.