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North Jersey Netrunner

I know it has been difficult for people in NJ to find a group outside of a few stores scattered about, but a few of the locals and I usually meet on Saturday for general gaming at our LGS/Comic Shop. Some of us would like to get more Netrunner games in, hopefully enough to expand and have events in the future. If anyone would like to plan a visit to the Bayonne/Jersey City area at any point, this would be a good place to do so.

I’m moving to Fort Lee in five days. Would love to meet – when/where would you like to meet?

Really happy to see this thread. I live in Cleveland, but last month I taught my friend in Rutherford to play and was surprised how hard it was to find a nearby meetup.

Ahhh the typical jersey problem

Someone is interested in games? They are over an hour away…every…single…time.

Hope you find some people, I know there at least used to be a couple stores up north that did tournaments, so you might find a few. :3

NJ groups seem to be scattered about. I know of at least one group in Boonton and some in Manhattan but, but both are about 40 minutes away by car or train. Our local group tends to meet at Manifest Comics and Cards or one of the cafes in town, depending on the day. I’d set up a meetup event but I’m pretty sure it costs money to use that site.

Are any of these stores big enough to host an ANRPC events? Chris Demetriou is looking to set up a northeast circuit and finding things close to NY that can host a 20-40 person tournament has proven difficult.

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The Boonton store is pretty big and has hosted pptq level mtg events. The store in Bayonne has also hosted a 30~ person pptq before, the trick is working with the store owners and getting enough players to show up.

Is Chris not looking at NYC itself? Nubrand Gaming in Brooklyn is massive and could easily do an ANRPC event. I’d love to have something like that in NYC.

Going with @Larro, why not run an event in New York itself? Compleat Strategist, The Uncommons, and Twenty Sided are all capable of running it, as is the NYU meetup.

The Boonton store looks reasonable close, I’d love to meet there. I don’t mind driving 30-60m for Netrunner.

My goal with this page was to bring some attention to the NJ stores that struggle to get players. Both Boonton and the NYC groups are equally distant from our local store (public transportation from Bayonne is about 40 minutes), so while the NYC events are probably great for Netrunner, I would like to build a player base locally so people in the area have a reason to pick up the game and branch out from MTG.

boonton is quite the drive for me, but for GNKs on a day i dont have any commitments its not out of the question.

just if you try to do anything, promote promote promote. every site, be local, on facebook, communicate well, and use word of mouth.

good intentions dont get you far… its acting on it that will do it. teaching days for new players, leagues, i dunno. give people a reason to come, and then give em a reason to return.

Agreed, a GNK will be awesome. Very high chance I will come over.

Same goes for me, GNK makes the drive so worth it from Ocean county

I’m in the same boat as you guys, I do go to Boonton to play every week that I know people will be there, but unfortunately it seems like the group is too small to have a consistent meetup. At this point, a drive to JC/Bayonne would be fine for me as I just need to play. Really anything other than NYC in North Jersey would be completely doable. I’ve also spoken to the owner of the shop in Boonton, and he’s definitely been interested in getting a Netrunner league started. Really, I’m indifferent to whether it’s a league or not. As long as there’s a game going on somewhere, I’d be happy to meet up.

This saturday a few of the locals will be gathering for netrunner at Manifest Comics in Bayonne. If anyone is in the area, feel free to stop by and check out the store.

I will try to make it, what time?

Usually around 1:30 is a good time to show up.


Hey all - just wanted to let you know that a handful of us in Mercer County have been playing, and wanted to invite anyone into that if North Jersey is too much of a drive. We meet in Princeton, right off Rt. 1.

https://www.facebook.com/groups/princetonnetrunners is the Facebook group with all relevant info.

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We live! Tournament on 1/23 at 12:30 in Bayonne at Manifest Comics and cards. Alt arts, a playmat, and other stuff with a higher attendance.

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