[Not So...] Breaking News for NISEI

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Thanks for the update! Says a lot that you strive for keeping us updated.


Thanks for doing weekly updates. Right now, “We are alive, stay tuned” is good news and very welcome!

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It would be cool if the possible new game designer was transparent. I think Boggs did a lot of interviews in which he sort of won the hearts of the community by saying a lot of smart things about the game. It would be nice to have a new designer that we all believe in behind what might be the most interesting and challenging aspect of the game going forward. R&R has given such a new rush of fun and a glimpse of how the game was starting to evolve into an even tighter game and a sense that this direction might be carried on would be something to get excited about.


I think there was an application from someone called Bichael Moggs, but I don’t know…


Weekly updates?!? Madness. Best to just tweet out that there will be updates soon and then go dark for six weeks. That is what FFG has conditioned us to expect. :wink:

Seriously, thanks.


Could be cool. Stamon Done should apply too.

I like to help in the game design dpt, but I really don’t want to lead it. So I watch this from my place and don’t really know who applied and how ppl get in.

Sorry for my ignorance, but I didn’t understand if NISEI will craft new cards or promote Netrunner like a big finished board game.

If we need to craft new cards, what do you need to start a new cycle?

Do you want to use the old netrunner system, 120 cards in 6 different 20x pack or another system ?

If we use the old distribution system I think we need :

  • 20 cards x 6 pack, released in 1 year (I don’t think a free time job can do it in 6 month)
  • every card probably need to pass 3 phases :
    • Idea
    • Develop
    • Test
  • Idea and Test with a large community it’s easy and fast, but develop need only 1 or 2 developer to do a good work
  • Art for every card, is good but not necessary
  • Flavour, becouse is fun

I like to help, but I need to understand how many steps do you think this work need and in what phase are you now.

The FAQ is informative about intentions regarding the distinction you are talking about crafting new cards vs. promoting Netrunner like a big finished board game.

From that, I gather that:

  1. The first priority at the moment is figuring out who is going to be in leadership roles.
  2. New cards aren’t going to be for a bit, but given that new cards take a while to make, they are thinking about them now. However, that takes a backseat to figuring out leaders.
  3. The questions about the distribution system for new cards has not been addressed yet.

I don’t speak for NISEI though in any capacity though so please disregard these answers if a more official one comes along.

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That’s great if you’re interested in helping out with Design. To clarify, it is only the Leadership roles which are being recruited for currently (details here) - once those individuals are in place to lead each team, they will work on how to recruit into the remaining roles.

So you will hear more about how the non-leadership roles will be filled later on in the process. I hope that’s helpful, but don’t hesitate to post again if you have further questions about NISEI, or post in the Q&A thread if you’d prefer.

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Great to hear you’d like to help, it’s awesome to see people are interested in NISEI’s efforts to keep Netrunner alive into the future!

The reply from Sanjay above is in line with my understanding of where things are at and the plans for moving forward. Right now the focus is on filling the Leadership roles, recruiting into other required roles in the various teams and planning how OP can continue after official support ends.

In parallel with this though, I expect there will be work underway within the other teams to arrive at answers to some of the specific questions you’ve asked about how any future cards might be structured and made available.

I hope that’s helpful, but feel free to ask any further questions you have here, or in the Q&A thread if it relates to the Leadership selection process.

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