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Novice here, any suggestions for my deck? Thanks a lot!

[URL=http://www.acoo.net/card-detail/159/chaos-theory-wnderkind/]Chaos Theory: Wunderkind[/URL] (Cyber Exodus)

Event (18)
3x [URL=http://www.acoo.net/card-detail/19/easy-mark/]Easy Mark[/URL] (Core Set) • • •
2x [URL=http://www.acoo.net/card-detail/573/legwork/]Legwork[/URL] (Honor and Profit) •• ••
3x [URL=http://www.acoo.net/card-detail/50/sure-gamble/]Sure Gamble[/URL] (Core Set)
3x [URL=http://www.acoo.net/card-detail/246/dirty-laundry/]Dirty Laundry[/URL] (Creation and Control)
3x [URL=http://www.acoo.net/card-detail/34/diesel/]Diesel[/URL] (Core Set)
2x [URL=http://www.acoo.net/card-detail/35/modded/]Modded[/URL] (Core Set)
2x [URL=http://www.acoo.net/card-detail/160/test-run/]Test Run[/URL] (Cyber Exodus)

Hardware (3)
1x [URL=http://www.acoo.net/card-detail/41/the-toolbox/]The Toolbox[/URL] (Core Set)
2x [URL=http://www.acoo.net/card-detail/283/rd-interface/]R&D Interface[/URL] (Future Proof)

Icebreaker (6)
2x [URL=http://www.acoo.net/card-detail/7/corroder/]Corroder[/URL] (Core Set) •• ••
2x [URL=http://www.acoo.net/card-detail/43/gordian-blade/]Gordian Blade[/URL] (Core Set)
2x [URL=http://www.acoo.net/card-detail/202/creeper/]Creeper[/URL] (Humanity’s Shadow)

Program (4)
2x [URL=http://www.acoo.net/card-detail/44/magnum-opus/]Magnum Opus[/URL] (Core Set)
2x [URL=http://www.acoo.net/card-detail/245/self-modifying-code/]Self-modifying Code[/URL] (Creation and Control)

Resource (9)
2x [URL=http://www.acoo.net/card-detail/29/bank-job/]Bank Job[/URL] (Core Set) •• ••
2x [URL=http://www.acoo.net/card-detail/204/kati-jones/]Kati Jones[/URL] (Humanity’s Shadow)
2x [URL=http://www.acoo.net/card-detail/262/same-old-thing/]Same Old Thing[/URL] (Creation and Control)
3x [URL=http://www.acoo.net/card-detail/323/daily-casts/]Daily Casts[/URL] (Creation and Control)

Total Cards: 40
Total Influence: 15
[URL=http://www.acoo.net]Acoo: Android Netrunner Deck Builder[/URL]

Here we go again …

Before anything else, can you explain what are you trying to do with your deck ? What’s your gameplan ? How do you plan to play it ? What’s the reason behind some questionable cards like the Two Bank Job or the two Test Run without any valid target ?
I don’t think anyone around here is against giving advice to a new player but just dropping a (bad) deck list and asking for advice won’t help you.


Calimsha is right. Also, if you play Opus, why are you including cards like Kati Jones?

Hello again Megabiquette,

Your deck lacks a bit of focus, I think.

  1. I would cut the Easy Marks straight away, they are fairly low impact and you have better uses for 3 influence.
  2. Kati Jones and Magnum Opus in the same deck is probably unnecessary. Both spend clicks to make you money, and don’t synergise that well. I’m tempted to say pick whichever you prefer and run 3 copies. Better shaper players might take a view that one is better than the other for this deck.
  3. Creeper is an inefficient sentry breaker. You can use influence here on Mimic or Femme.

Other things could be changed to, but you need a clear idea where you’re going with the deck. I get the impression with the Easy Marks that you’re not sure what you’re meant to be using influence on, is that fair?


Other people are talking about this deck, so I’ll go meta and talk about decklist threads in general. Here are some ideas on what to post beyond 45 or 49 cards + the ID:

  • @Calimsha’s mentioned it already, but have a plan for your deck. This can be something like:
    • Use R&D multi-access (R&D Interface, The Maker’s Eye, Medium) to clean out the corp’s agendas several turns before the corp has a chance to draw them.
    • Set up quickly so the corp never feels safe putting agendas in remotes. When the pile up in HQ, clear out several at a time using Legwork.
    • Make zillions of credits really quickly, then on your power turn Vamp the corp to 0 and do a zillion clicks of free Keyhole runs while they’re too poor to rez ice on R&D.
  • How has the deck been playing?
    • What’s working?
    • Are there things that you’re trying to make work but just aren’t happening?
    • Is it too poor?
    • Is it too hard to find breakers?
    • Is the corp scoring out before you’re set up?
    • Are you starting off strongly and then running out of steam if the game goes long?
  • Talk about your card choices, particularly if you’re doing something unorthodox. It saves people from trying to puzzle out the deck’s unusual plays. Even if you’re unsure, saying things like “I felt I needed more money so I put in 3x Easy Mark” or “I had 3 influence left and wasn’t sure what to spend it on, so I thought Sneakdoor Beta would make a nice surprise” is useful:
    • It shows what you consider to be the non-core parts of the deck
    • It helps readers focus their advice
  • As a personal pet peeve, no emoticons (smileys) in thread titles. I always feel like the poster is trying to use puppy-dog eyes to make up for a weak thread.
  • Why are you posting the deck? This sounds like a silly question, but there could be several reasons:
    • It’s a deck you’re really having trouble beating, and want help spotting its weaknesses
    • You feel the deck is solid but want help tuning for a specific matchup
    • You want to explore some mechanism or combo and you don’t really care about the other 36-39 cards you’ve picked
    • You think the next pack coming is going to make things tough/bring a power boost and want to discuss the best way to use the new cards

Ok, thanks for the answers. I don’t post comments on individual cards because i’m a newbie and don’t have a lot of insights other than “that card looks useful”.
I’ve been playing for less than a week and lose like 90% of the time so when I lose I don’t put it on my decklist but more on in-game mistakes.
I posted a topic requesting articles for begginers and while “Playing the Opening” is very interesting, others looks more aimed at veterans.

What I want to do with this deck is being flexible and able to get my icebreaker suite fast and easily(with Modded), keeping pressure both and remote servers and R&D (with interface).

About Kati, I first thought she was amazing yet slow. But looking at decks on netrunnerdb, I saw a lot of competitive decks played Magnum Opus, so I wanted to try it.

Here’s my last build… thanks for your time!

[URL=http://www.acoo.net/card-detail/159/chaos-theory-wnderkind/]Chaos Theory: Wunderkind[/URL] (Cyber Exodus)

Event (20)
1x [URL=http://www.acoo.net/card-detail/19/easy-mark/]Easy Mark[/URL] (Core Set) •
2x [URL=http://www.acoo.net/card-detail/573/legwork/]Legwork[/URL] (Honor and Profit) •• ••
3x [URL=http://www.acoo.net/card-detail/50/sure-gamble/]Sure Gamble[/URL] (Core Set)
3x [URL=http://www.acoo.net/card-detail/246/dirty-laundry/]Dirty Laundry[/URL] (Creation and Control)
2x [URL=http://www.acoo.net/card-detail/617/lucky-find/]Lucky Find[/URL] (Double Time) •• ••
3x [URL=http://www.acoo.net/card-detail/34/diesel/]Diesel[/URL] (Core Set)
3x [URL=http://www.acoo.net/card-detail/35/modded/]Modded[/URL] (Core Set)
3x [URL=http://www.acoo.net/card-detail/160/test-run/]Test Run[/URL] (Cyber Exodus)

Hardware (4)
2x [URL=http://www.acoo.net/card-detail/283/rd-interface/]R&D Interface[/URL] (Future Proof)
2x [URL=http://www.acoo.net/card-detail/689/astrolabe/]Astrolabe[/URL] (Up and Over)

Icebreaker (7)
2x [URL=http://www.acoo.net/card-detail/7/corroder/]Corroder[/URL] (Core Set) •• ••
1x [URL=http://www.acoo.net/card-detail/11/mimic/]Mimic[/URL] (Core Set) •
1x [URL=http://www.acoo.net/card-detail/26/femme-fatale/]Femme Fatale[/URL] (Core Set) •
1x [URL=http://www.acoo.net/card-detail/663/overmind/]Overmind[/URL] (Honor and Profit)
2x [URL=http://www.acoo.net/card-detail/43/gordian-blade/]Gordian Blade[/URL] (Core Set)

Program (3)
2x [URL=http://www.acoo.net/card-detail/44/magnum-opus/]Magnum Opus[/URL] (Core Set)
1x [URL=http://www.acoo.net/card-detail/245/self-modifying-code/]Self-modifying Code[/URL] (Creation and Control)

Resource (6)
1x [URL=http://www.acoo.net/card-detail/204/kati-jones/]Kati Jones[/URL] (Humanity’s Shadow)
2x [URL=http://www.acoo.net/card-detail/262/same-old-thing/]Same Old Thing[/URL] (Creation and Control)
3x [URL=http://www.acoo.net/card-detail/323/daily-casts/]Daily Casts[/URL] (Creation and Control)

Total Cards: 40
Total Influence: 15
[URL=http://www.acoo.net]Acoo: Android Netrunner Deck Builder[/URL]

Nice deck for beginning.
But I would advice you to read playing the opening once more. You do nothing to abuse and prolong this phase of game. Shapers in fact are much more complicated to play correctly at high level. Have you consider criminal decks for learning?
Second. You don’t use your 6 MU, overmind is not very helpful here in my opinion, I would drop it.Some utility programe like cresentus, imp or even chakana would fit this deck.
Third. Same old thing into your events is not very good game plan. You can drop them, or add some more cool events like indexing. May be both - swap SOT for indexing.
4th. I would suggest to swap easy mark for stimhack. 2 testruns into self modifying code(they are chiper and faster) You know you can use stimhack credits for paying smc midrun, don’t you?


I really appreciate you taking our comments on board. If you’re going to run Opus for money, I’d set your eyes heart and mind on getting it out quickly, and instead of things like Easy Mark, include more ways to get it out early: -1 Easy Mark, -1 Overmind, -1 Kati Jones, +1 Magnum Opus, +2 Self-Modifying Code. One of the most horrible things for a corp to face is a shaper with Self-Modifying Code (SMC) and a big stack of cash - the corp has to bait them into making a play and spending money before they can feel safe.

About Test Run: Test Run’s a bad way to get Opus on the table, because first you have to play it, then you have to draw it, then you have to play it again before it’s installed for good. Ugh. Test Run tends to be used for two main plays:

  1. Test Run something nasty like Femme Fatale, Keyhole, Imp or Sneakdoor Beta and use it to punish a gap in the corp’s defences for a turn.
  2. Test Run something expensive (e.g., Torch, Morning Star or Femme Fatale) and then use Scavenge to keep the program from going away. (You can reinstall the program you trashed with Scavenge, and that makes it forget that it was installed from Test Run, so it doesn’t go back onto your stack.)

Some other thoughts:

  • If you make tweaks and can rely on getting Opus out quickly, you’ll be wanting to protect it - running into a Rototurret or something can really ruin your day. So you’ll want ways to get your Mimic out as well - maybe add some Clone Chips?
  • Datasucker goes exceptionally well with Mimic (you don’t get caught out by e.g., Ichi 1.0 if you have a counter) and Femme Fatale (spending a counter to drop strength by 1 is much cheaper than paying 2 for +1 strength). Once you free up some influence (will you still need the Lucky Finds if you’re opusing reliably?) you’ll be able to include a couple of Datasuckers.
  • Clone Chip and Datasucker have an amazing synergy with Parasite. Suppose you’ve got a 2-counter Datasucker and a Self-Modifying Code installed, and you’ve just encountered a Tsurugi. What would you rather do:
    1. Pay 2 to activate SMC, 3 to install Mimic and 4 to break Tsurugi, plus another 4 every time you encounter it, or
    2. Pay 2 to activate SMC, 2 to install Parasite, use the 2 Datasucker tokens make Tsurugi strength 0 (instantly killing it - thanks Parasite!), forcing the corp to go get another piece of ice and pay its rez cost? Then you can use Clone Chip to pull that Parasite from the heap over and over again.
  • If you’re going for Opus, all this stuff might be too hard to fit into a 5MU rig, so you might have to try something else. But at least it’s an example of how cards suggest other cards.