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NRDB in Review ┻━┻︵ \(°□°)/ ︵ ┻━┻ *9-9-16

Taking a hard look at the front page of NRDB each week…

9-9-16: Git Gud Kit (GNK 1st-place)


8-29-16: Pew-freaking-hoo (GNK 1st-place)
8-22-16: Season 2 Premier! - Silver Bullet Kate
4-2-16: DC Alliance IG- SUPERFRIENDS – 2016 Durham regionals winner
4-2-16: The Professor Won A Store Champ!!!
3-27-16: Turntable Leela
3-20-16: Everlasting JobStopper.
3-13-16: Make shop great again.
2-14-16: Dumblefork
2-7-16: TGI Fridays’ Endless Appetizers
1-31-16: NEH Glass Shop (1st Place, Undefeated, Phoenix Comics TT)
1-24-16: THE FUN ENDS HERE (SHL Jinteki Edition 1st)
1-17-16: Spark Despotism - King Beale
1-10-16: A Smile On Her Five Thousand Faces
1-3-16: Sunny Lock Down
12-27-15: Drug Dealer Gabe
12-20-15: Honeycomb Crunch (SG Nationals 5th place)
12-13-15: Better Call Solo Boy: Lets Have a Party – 1st Madison, WI
12-6-15: Always Be “Fast” Running 2.0
11-30-15: Yin - World’s Top Ranked PE
11-23-15: Eviscerator
11-16-15: Spark City Surveillance
11-9-15: The Modern Prometheus
11-2-15: The Novelist
10-26-15: Trash Pandas 1.5


You are a brave, brave
brave soul.


Looks like @Alsciende is trying to incorporate some kind of tag system for it: https://www.reddit.com/r/Netrunner/comments/3r80wc/do_you_remember_which_decklists_were_decklist_of/

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To take on the delusional denizens of NRDB? INCUR THE WRATH OF DYDRA?

Want NRDB points? Earn them 3 points at a time like me, or write a huge goofy story to go with your deck. Redeem them for your stickers and slide whistles at the counter.

The ID for deck of the week is probably similar to the influence wheel FFG uses.


I think there are a few things wrong with this deck. First, like you said, it’s trying to take on PPVP Kate, which arguably no one has done. Hubris aside, it ignores Chameleon’s greatest power and weakness - naming its type on install. That only works for you if you have a way to repeatedly install it mid-run, otherwise every face-down card is a psi game that costs you two credits to play.

I have a similar deck I’ve been working on for a few months, to pretty good success. I’m not a great player, but so far this deck has only lost to egregious bad play on my part (specifically flatlines). The keystone of the deck is Personal Workshop, since it can hold your Chameleons until you know which subtype to name. It got it’s name (Shotgun full of Bees) because dropping your Chameleons on PW feels like loading up a double-barrel shotgun. When you know which ICE subtype you need to break, Test Run is an ideal card to use to tutor up your next Chameleon. It costs 1 less than an SMC, can tutor from the stack or heap, and Chameleon’s ability negates Test Run’s downside.

Chameleon is a tough card to build around - it’s one of the most efficient breakers in the game, but only if you build around its downsides. I have full faith that a Hayley Chameleon deck will win a real event soon, but I don’t think The Novelist is that deck.


@hbarsquared, thanks for the comments, but No decklists in this thread please.


The deck name actually implies everyone on NRDB is a novelist,not deck builder.

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@Chill84 I expect a full literary analysis of this Spark fanfic when it inevitably becomes the next feature.


Someone brought Novelist to our Saturday meetup. It makes plenty of money once it gets going, but when your setup plan is 57 steps long you need to rethink your deck.


Who is this guy? He is known? He left a really shitty comment on a Thrones deck I posted a while back.

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No clue. He seems to like me. I have no idea why. Maybe my decks speak to him. That is not something one can be proud of.


I can’t wait to see if Shannon and Jackson get together. Will they? - Won’t they?


He’s the resident hatemonger who drops all sorts of nasty comments on lots of decks. Not sure what his deal is.


Hating on multiple decks across more than one LCG? What a life.


But atleast he has made a Tier 1 Fisk deck! So he has a right to be righteous.


My guess is that anyone who got drunk at night,randomly put a lot of cards together,then yelling “IT’S A TIER 1 DECK!!!” and writing down a TL;DR analysis about “THIS IS A TIER 1 DECK BELIEVE ME!!!” could make a decklist of the week on NRDB.


Do you play the decks or is this theorycrafting?


I played some of them,some decks on the front page are really decent,I remembered Endless Waltz and L4J,they are really good and they do have good tournament results;but most of them,sorry to say,not functioning as how the author stated,“Tier 1”.Or maybe I am too stupid to play their decks I guess.

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But, but it says Tier 1…


I play them.

I try to practice netrunner regularly even though my tournament season is over, when these things come up on the front page I’ve almost always had experience playing with or against them by that time.

On a related note, I think net-decking and playing lists as written is the best way to learn the game; rather than net decking and changing cards right away because you think they are bad.

My aim is to shortcut that process and make sure the players that want to netdeck are starting off on the right foot.