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NRDB in Review ┻━┻︵ \(°□°)/ ︵ ┻━┻ *9-9-16


Can’t agree with this enough, I really wish draft formats were a bigger part of the community b/c they’re stupid fun! Like first week you played Netrunner fun. Talk about that one game all week fun. It makes the cards you’ve played a million times fresh again, and turns many binder fodder cards into old friends quickly. If you have a RL Netrunner group and haven’t done cube drafting… man. you gotta try it


How would one go about cube drafting? Let’s assume I’m an complete n00b and have literally no idea what you are talking about.

If there is a website or other online resource I should reference I can check those out if you point me in the right direction.


I believe you can do it from Meteor, but I forget the specifics


I think you’re looking for this

Cube Drafting is a special draft variant in which instead of drafting from traditional purchased draft sets, players draft from a special predetermined pool of cards made explicitly for the purposes of draft play. The pool of cards is known as a Cube and usually contains a minimum of 320 cards per side to accommodate an eight-player draft (You can draft with smaller Cubes, they will simply handle less players) as well as customized starter cards for each player.

Cube drafting has all of the fun of regular Netrunner drafting but with some additional advantages:

Infinite Reusability – Cubes can be drafted any number of times for a different experience each time.
Fully Customizable – Each Cube can be unique and allows for entirely different drafting experiences.
Changes Over Time – As new cards are released, you can adapt and change your Cube to the changing environment.


that’s because most locals are very casual compared to say stimhack league.

In stimhack league 2 my matchups were as follow (for stats I kept track of)

15 NEH astrobiotics

2 HB glacier

1 RP glacier

On the runner side I played vs

12 Andromeda (4 tag me 6 daily casts 2 siphonless)

6 Kate with prepaids


I highly recommend the Stimhack Cube if you don’t know how to build one.

Oddly enough, after reading through this thread, I feel better about Netrunner than I did before reading through it. Taking a step back, I feel like there is still a very wide variety of decks that can perform reasonably well in any given tournament on both sides, and with the increased numbers of asset spam and addition of Polop, Criminal looks like it can make a comeback. I’ll be interested to see how things shape up on Saturday with lots of regionals happening. Yes, there are new challenges being presented, but I honestly like that it keeps me on my toes and forces me to continue to get a read on the meta and make different deckbuilding decisions.

As the person who made the Slack chat, I would kind of agree with you here. While I like how it brings together the community, it can also have problems being an echo chamber. I don’t really know if there’s anything I can or should do about it – it is what it is. Personally, I only read it from time to time, and engage in most of my Netrunner conversation with my local meta in our own various chats. If someone doesn’t have a local community and is restricted to playing on Jinteki and only hanging out in the Stimhack Slack, I can see how one might perceive the game as one particular way.


second this. I have a hard enough time keeping up to date on deck-types and building/rebuild constructed decks; building a cube from the ground up is a whole other beast. Never had a bad time with the stimhack cube yet - I think they do a good job of representing an interesting variety while keeping it playable.


So far I’ve had (I’m pretty sure):
5 Noise
2 Whizzard
1 Reina Siphon Spam
1 Hayley Chameleon
1 Stealth Andy
1 Ken Express

And on corp
3 Foodcoats
2 Palana
2 Blue Sun
1 Haarpschiord
1 Near earth hub


Maybe local leagues are more casual than the SHL, or maybe the SHL is very susceptible to group think and favor playing the ‘most powerful’ archetypes that emerge from the community consensus. My argument is jinteki.net, and particularly SHL players are often more focused on refining an existing archetype than trying something new. Many posts here when someone suggests a new idea or counter-play are typically met with dismissal.

At a local 46-person SC, we had geist emerge as the #1 seed out of swiss (before business first released). At another 26-person tournament, an odd-ball Sol tagstorm deck won the whole thing. There are other decks that can do very well that do not appear in the SHL meta.

I don’t expect to convince anyone with these anecdotes, since I expect that our prejudices will direct our thoughts more than any data points, which is the original problem: we are far too willing to dismiss ideas that challenge us instead of re-evaluating our ideas (and decklists).


Could it just be to do with the times that people play at? If you don’t vary up when you play your games, then it’s quite possible you will just keep hitting the same meta of similar folks from the same time zone. Just a thought, but it would be interesting if there was data that could give a breakdown of what is played when.


Oddball decks do indeed do well sometimes on a local level. I took an Apocalypse Noise deck with only three viruses to top seed at a Store Champ. Only lost game was after cut.

Also played some games in SHL with it and did win some (also lost some)


What was the thinking behind taking Noise with only 3 viruses? Head-faking the corp?


Good players tend to play differently vs Noise. Also, 3 mills is still 3 mills. Ed Kim or Wizzard might’ve been a better choice, but I had said I wouldn’t bring Whiz to the third Store tournament and honestly Ed probably wouldn’t have been that great because of the way the deck plays.

Edit: decklist for those that are intrigued:


I watched a video of you playing and winning a match, I was rather inspired!

Though there are few similarities, your list was the inspiration for my MaxX deck:

I though MaxX would be a better fit for a deck with so many events. I want to use Power to the People, but I’m not confident enough to use it yet.


Thanks! :slight_smile:

Honestly pttp works pretty well in the deck. The only time I played it and it didn’t pay off was in the finals when I ran HQ four times and didn’t see the one card that was the agenda (out of three cards after using Imp on the fourth card), which was somewhat unlucky.


Is there a significance to the entire contents of Moby Dick being posted into the comments section of the current DotW ?



I see an IG deck with a Samurai Jack gif. Did I miss the Moby Dick deck making DotW?


It’s in the comments section by chill84, not the deck creator


Pitchforks and apocalypses waving in the air