OCTGN bm (Screenshot)

This is what happens after I trashed 2 Liberated Accounts with Breaking News and rush astros:

No GG, but I kind of understand why :wink:

bm on your part, daring to trash the only reliable economy this poor runner has. Poor, poor whizzy

Anyway, I’ve seen and heard of worse cases of players on OCTGN. I got harressed by a player who was 100% sure he woudn’t have to acces my quadruple advanced overwriter after playing dirty laundry on said server. I politely send him a link of the FAQ and even told him he coud just run my undefended archives(well, 2 shocks or so) but nope, I just had to “die in hell”

What’s the point of this thread? Not saying anything after the end of a game is far from BM.


Just an amusing conclusion to an interesting game, that’s all. It’s not really that BM, I just found it funny.