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OCTGN broke, apparently

From http://octgn.gamersjudgement.com/wordpress/anr/game-pretty-much-b0rked-until-further-notice/

The recent versions of OCTGN introduced a serious bug which
significantly affects the way ANR works. More specifically, it is
bringing player decks in an out-of-sync state between players after

This means that as a runner, your R&D accesses will not view the top
cards of the opponent’s deck as the corp sees them and you will
instead be seeing the deck as it was pre-shuffle! Other cards like
Indexing will also appear broken.

There is nothing I can do about this at the moment as it’s an engine
bug and it affects every pile manipulation via scripts.

I’ve informed the developers and will inform you on the blog and the
MOTD when there’s any news.

Until then, playing ANR will probably be impossible as all your R&D
accesses will be false.

I played a few games with Narziss last night, and we noticed he was seeing all my Bernices and ChiLos out of R&D both games… it did seem a little weird at the time. Apparently this is why.

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Would this explain why a guy was moaning on BGG that he drew his opening hand 6 times and drew 5 out of his 6 upgrades every time?

Maybe, apparently it only affects runner R&D accesses. Not sure if it’s still broken, since they just updated octgn.