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OCTGN cannot/will not open downloaded o8d files

I used to be able to download o8d files and tell OCTGN to open them,
and now it does nothing. If I open OCTGN, and request it open a file,
it gives me the following error:
"Could not load deck from C:… , there was an unspecified problem"
only happens to downloaded o8d files, if I create a decklist myself, I
can open and reopen it with no problem. I have tried reinstalling
OCTGN, and this issue is across multiple games (Netrunner, Conquest, and
AGOT 2.0). I just installed AGOT 2.0, and immediately had the issue,
so I have doubts that reinstalling the games will work. This is resulting in me having to build all the decks manually via the OCTGN building tool, which is quite annoying.

Thanks for any help or advice. Hoping @db0 or any other veteran OCTGNers can help me out.

I had an issue like this with CardgameDB, and not with NetrunnerDB or Meteor.

There was a particular card, or pack, that was messing it up.

Try another builder. It might be CGDB if thats your source.

I have tried from Meteor, and NRDB (and now ThronesDB). It isn’t a particular card, being cross game. Ugh it’s annoying, and a main reason I don;t play OCTGN anymore.

It’s because you’re downloading it in Read-Only Mode, I have the same problem. Try going to properties of the file and turning Read Only Mode off.


Thank you, that fixed it!

Now, do you have any idea why they started in read only mode? I used to be able to open them fine right as I downloaded them.

I imagine this is some firefox setting, but google has not helped me so far. I know I used to be able to just click “open with” when I exported them from NRDB, and just save them in the folder I wanted them in myself.

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So now if I tell it to “open with OCTGN” it saves it to a Temp folder, and it is Read-Only. If I just download and “Save” it, it goes to my Downloads folder, and is not read only, and therefore openable.

Why computer, why you so hard!?

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Okay, not really, but I couldn’t stop thinking about that comic.

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I wish you told me, then maybe I wouldn’t have stopped playing OCTGN for a year…