OCTGN does not open anymore?

My OCTGN in last week does no opened. I click on the icon,it tries to open then, simply, stop.

I’m on windows 8.1

I had issues with my OCTGN as well, although not this particular issue. Try re-installing the entire client, and see if that helps.

I’ve to suppose it’s something strange(maybe a virus?) because it tells me “impossible to cancel the file because is opened in another programm”…Interesting…

probably it was a strange installation, i’m checkin manually what could be happened with this files…

Have you tried turning your computer off and back on again?


Tes @Lttlefoot, already done in last days. Now i’ll do a Scan with myMalwareByte and one with Avast(hardly will be find something, i’m inlove with my PC and make a Scan for week, or above, but ok) and i’ll see what happen…Usually this is for some strange plugin…at least, i hope.