OCTGN Game Finder Thread

Figured this would be useful to have (especially once the league starts). Just post in here if you want to play against people from stimhack. I’ll start:

Anyone up for a game?

EDIT: please note date & time posted so we don’t get replies for this a year later


It’s about 8:20 PM EST, and I’d be interested in playing a game on OCTGN. Although I’m an OCTGN newbie, so if that influences your decision, sorry! (I’ve watched a handful of videos that use OCTGN, and I’ll have a guide open!)

I’ll be back on somewhere around 11pm - midnight central

I’ll be on a lot tomorrow (Tuesday, 15/07/14) and Wednesday (16/07/14). Looking to test a janky ETF deck I have. username is the same on there, kinda new to OCTGN but I can play decently quickly.

And the league is live, will be on sunday ~9-10 pm cdt

Will be on and off between 10 30 and 13 00 BST today (Sunday).

Online most of the day 12:00 - 21:00 BST if anyone fancies a game.

i just joined octgn to play some league games (will be there for few hours counting from now). msg me here or on octgn if u want to play.

Online now, username “kiv”. Friend me and we can play.

I’ll be online practically all day. Username is the same on OCTGN as it is on Stimhack.

Tonight I hope to play my first games. I’m aiming for 20.00 hours Central European Time. Hope to see some of you then :wink:

Anyone wanna play now?

I’m up for a game if anyone’s interested

So basically I have no work until friday so I’ll be on for a large chunk of time between now and then

I’m on now if anyone wants to get a couple of games in.

I’m on now if anyone’s got time for a couple

I’m on for a bit if anyone’s looking for league games.

I’m online for a bit after having to take a week off. Open to having a skype line open too to get beyond the OCTGN textbox.