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OCTGN image downloader application for Windows

Here you can find the download link and information about my OCTGN image downloader application for Windows


seems like a great tool for players new and old to OCTGN. even some of the frequent streamers don’t have all the images, which I think is a bit amateur. thanks for giving the community this tool

I also don’t have all the images, and at least one (Architect) is incorrect in the image, so it’s nice to have this. Thanks for your time and effort!

This is so nice! Thank you! I’m going to see if I can get it to play nice with Linux.

better off with the python scraper. Native QT+wine is nono

And there is always the link to mega(upload) which has all the pack, although that’s the one with the incorrect architect, but if you are a subscriber on OCTGN, you can easily fix that. Not sure if I can post that link here though, but if you google right, it’s the first reddit hit,first comment

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Which python scraper are you referring to?

To run OCTGN on GNU/Linux, I use a Windows XP virtual machine that does nothing but have OCTGN and Firefox on it. Wine does not have fun with OCTGN.

It’s kind of annoying that I need to go to that length (and I’m hoping they port it to GNU/Linux natively soon), and jinteki.net seems to be a good solution, but as it stands it’s far easier to use the VM than mess around with Wine.

I’ll give that a try. I can only corp on OCTGN with wine since running crashes it every time I access a server.

You might need to change some imports and the database file though, it’s pretty old. I’m sure there are updated ones out there

@Xenasis , calling your OS GNU yet run all sorts of proprietary software?

I don’t see why running proprietary software or not would change the contributions of GNU.

Breaker Bay available!

(ps. No need to re-download the tool… it updates its internal list of sets!)

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@Polynomial_C Thanks again for an awesome tool. I was looking to update to version 1.1, but the link didn’t seem to work. Do I have to re-download the Zip file to update to 1.1?

EDIT: I went ahead and re-downloaded it, and it looks like the link works in the new version. Again, this is an awesome tool, particularly the promo art bit. Being able to use original Eli instead of that…new thing…is awesome. Thanks so much for your time and effort!

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Indeed, the link did not work in 1.0 but it does in 1.1 (and in all future versions)

Alsciende just upladed the Chrome City card images, so they’re available now!

The Underway is now available!


Old Hollywood, The Universe of Tomorrow and Data and Destiny now available…

…although OCTGN doesn’t support these sets yet, but I saw in Github that db0 is working on it!

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Added Lotus Field alternate artwork.

Added Kala Ghoda.


@db0 still hasn’t added Democracy & Dogma support… is A:NR on OCTGN finally dead now?

According to slaghund, only 14 games have been played on Octgn this month, so I doubt it’s top of his list right now. Last monthly figure I saw for jnet was 55,000.