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OCTGN on Mac


I downloaded Wineskin yesterday but couldn’t figure out how to get OCTGN running. I saw the instruction on github: https://github.com/kellyelton/OCTGN/wiki/OCTGN-on-non-Windows-systems - but couldn’t get it work.

Any Mac Wineskin’ers out there?


abandon wine. use virtualbox. works for me and i tried plenty possible ways to make it work.


I don’t want to buy Windows 7 so I can play OCTGN on my Mac. :stuck_out_tongue:


i know what u mean. i had some very old cd with win xp. worked.


I wasn’t able to get this to work either, sadly, so I’m in the VM crowd. Stupid, stupid windows vms :non-potable_water:


Anyone else have luck with running OCTGN through Wineskin?


Never got it stable or quick either one, ended up just loading boot camp after I formatted my old laptop.


Microsoft used to have complete, working VMs with various versions of IE on technet, for the purposes of compatibility testing across various Explorer versions. They were complete enough that you could run other stuff on them.

I seem to remember the VMs were available in virtualbox format as well, but not completely certain.


I’ve got it all working, but it is really, really wonky.

Every so often I get these flash disconnect/reconnects.

Usually it is easy to just continue playing, but other times the other player gets totally frozen out of using automated actions.


Why can’t OCTGN be fucking cross-platform!?!?!? ;(


It’s .Net based, so it was kinda stuck on Windows.

But Good News Everyone!


Just pirate Windows and Pirate Parallels and you’re there.


Dandromeda, Pirate Extraordinaire


The best things in life are available to pirate.


Let’s be honest here, do you think Andromeda really paid retail for Corroder? :slight_smile:


VirtualBox is free, so there’s no need to pirate Parallels.


You don’t get it, do you? Why get something for free when you can pirate it?!!


Not that into piracy for the most part. Great news that .NET will be open source… eventually.