OCTGN Recent Win Data

Jets from BGG posted up the newest win% data from OCTGN for Jan 6 to Feb 3:

Corp Win% Games

The World is Yours 59.21 (1356)
Making News 55.96 (2907)
Building a Better World 53.57 (2210)
Engineering The Future 52.03 (2531)
Personal Evolution 49.95 (2288)
Cerebral Imaging 47.48 (358)
Replicating Perfection 45.55 (1554)
NEXT Design 38.45 (840)
Stronger Together 36.58 (287)
Custom Biotics 34.16 (319)
Because We Built It 29.81 (436)

Runner Win% Games

Andromeda 56.97 (1920)
Gabriel Santiago 54.03 (2182)
Kate “Mac” McCaffrey 51.29 (2462)
Reina Roja 50.24 (2406)
Rielle “Kit” Peddler 46.78 (1120)
Whizzard 46.62 (1051)
Chaos Theory 45.81 (1397)
Exile 44.66 (450)
The Professor 43.04 (381)
Noise 41.66 (1709)

Thoughts on the stats? The biggest piece of information here is the win rate of TWIY, 59% is higher than Andromeda in this data!

In my own testing among high level players, TWIY is showing a dominating performance. Simply blowing non Andromeda decks out of the water (we were focusing on trying to find good non-Andy decks). I know that we will now be focusing on the Andy vs TWIY matchup for our next round of playtesting.


i’m kinda surprised by how high the non-NBN corp winrates are actually. Also weird to see so few criminals compared to everyone else, hopefully the big box will spark more interest into them.

Play Stats
Anarch: 5166
Criminals: 4102
Shaper: 5810

HB: 4335
Jinteki: 3842
NBN: 4263
Weyland: 2646

On the corp side, people seem to have gotten bored with weyland (3x plascrete in every good deck helps), and very few people seem to have received the TWIY memo (less than half that of making news).

You may want to try looking towards Reina.

Yeah, thats exactly what they were doing for the past month that kept getting crushed by TWIY. :slight_smile:

I (and others) have found that good Reina decks seem generally more effective than standard Criminal play against fast NBN decks. Andy in particular is bad against fast NBN decks because a turn one Sweeps Week puts you in an extremely weak position, and the early game is often critical against these decks.

You mean, the Reina decks that are lagging behind Andromeda in win rate by almost 7%?

Wow, that little? I would have anticipated lower overall winrates for Reina, seeing as she was just released, she’s getting lots of play from bad flavor-of-the-month players, and she has tons of deckbuilding traps and in-faction antisynergies.

None of those things are particularly relevant to play from skilled/calibrated players, except of course that we can expect Reina to become more powerful as people start figuring her out.

I don’t know. Reina was actually the first runner that I and @hollis both tested. I was pretty unimpressed. ( This is not to say Andromeda is better, I have been avoiding her to reexamine the field, and will only now be going back and seeing how she fares. )

I’m now really curious how my clockwork gamer reina list would fair against TWIY. Anyone mind testing? my computer’s basically a brick and I can’t get octgn working. I can pm an updated list and primer if interested.