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Official Netrunner Sleeves

They are here: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=4916


The Snare one is outright scary :stuck_out_tongue:

half of your posts are withdrawn, why?


Roughly 50% of Chill’s posts are simply too awesome for our fragile human consciousness to handle and his words, having attained a sort of self-awareness, delete themselves, lest we all go mad from the revelations… : )


The alternative explanation being that he’s at the evolutionary stage of an internet denizen where he can already tell a post isn’t worth posting when he sees it in the thread, but hasn’t learned to use the “abandon post” button yet :stuck_out_tongue:

The first step is much harder to make than the second, though - so presumably, someday soon you’ll stop seeing these deletions :slight_smile:

On topic though - anyone else notice how there aren’t Shaper-themed sleeves? Damn shame in my opinion, SMC is one of the prettiest cards ever.


Oh my, the Snare looks great. Nice precursor of the things to come for the eager runner. :smiley:

Jinteki PE, all snared up, but not a single one in the deck :smiley:

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When I first started playing RP I didn’t play any Snare figuring people would respect it being a Jinteki deck. Nope. :frowning:

Maybe these sleeves would have helped. I’ve always run grumpy cat with Jinteki.

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I’m kinda disappointed in these art they chose for these :(. Deep Red and Pop-Up are the best, IMO. Wotan and Snare!, which are great card art don’t really hold up well at all here.

There’s so much truly outstanding art in Netrunner that I would rather have seen tried, man.

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While Its cool to get some ANR sleeves … I feel like there was a huge missed opportunity for beautiful-yet-simple faction-specific sleeves. I’m more interested in keeping decks organized and would have loved having a thematic feel to the deck I’m playing.


^ This. I was hoping for some evocative faction-themed art. I was envisioning something like the GoT sleeves as a first wave.

Hah! :). [insert snark about art appreciation here]

Jesus, people, cut the FFG folks some slack.

Buy two cases of each of these, and that ought to send a clear enough message in the vein of “Yes! More Netrunner sleeves, please!”



Too late; I’ve already run up the red flag and readied my cutlass!

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A statement that could have been made regardless of which art they choose :smile:.

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That is my exact reaction. Just wish I could have bought 3 sets of each of the faction ones instead :smile:

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Well, these are pretty awesome. Posted Bounty I’m not thrilled with, but overall I think they’re cool. I’ll probably buy a pack of each, just to keep my inner completionist at bay.

And yea, I noticed that Shapers weren’t represented. Knowing my luck, they’ll be a tournament-exclusive prize! LOL

yeah, who the heck picked these cards to be used for making sleeves?


I like the Wotan and especially the Snare! but otherwise i’m not particularly impressed by the selected illustrations.

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Some of these are nice, but I can’t see myself ever using any of them, even if the quality was good. My roomie and I’re in the habit of just sleeving all corps in blue and all runners in red, because it makes proxying (in grey, so we can tell when we need to pull something from elsewhere) much easier. That lets us have several decks more or less built, and it’s a shame we’d have to choose a single kind of back to resleeve 'em all in.

What would really be cool is a set of card sleeves with the pattern from the cards on Sure Gamble.


Is it possible to order custom art card sleeves from somewhere? Coz I could easily whip up a graphic with that pattern on it …