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Official Rules Question Thread


Maybe a dumb question, but important for my current jank. If I have a Beach Party in play and I install Theophilius Bagbiter, is my hand size 0 or 5?


Another dumb question - do subroutines that have no effect still count as having fired for Chief Slee? Like something with two end the runs?


Chief Slee says “each unbroken subroutine.” If you have two unbroken end the runs, the second one doesn’t fire, but it is still an unbroken sub, so I think it still gives Slee a counter.


CShameless re-bump

The question boils down to: what happens if the runner uses Inversificator to swap an uninstalled ambush ICE? Apparently that interaction is allowed, but there is no information about what happens to either ICE.


Bagbiter sets the base hand size from 5 to the number of credits. Any hand modifiers are additive. So, you add any increases and subtract for brain damage.

Therefore, if you have 0 credits and Beach Party, your current hand size is 5.

This is similar to Ekomind and memory chips ruling, which sets the base memory of 4 to the cards in hand, then adds any additional memory (and would subtract for any Bad Times played).


I sent another tweet to ANCUR. Feel free to send one yourself to the same chain and see if that moves the needle.

I don’t expect an answer anytime soon since we haven’t gotten the Crimson Dust UFAQ and I’m sure they’re busy working on the next FAQ that they said would come on or by October 1st. Maybe they’re waiting to put it there.


My guess is that the Inversificator + ambush ICE interaction is sufficiently novel to merit an official FAQ entry, and technically requires ‘new’ rules to clarify it’s effect,


Definitely agree.


Additionally, I think Slee gives counters when an ice is bypassed since the subroutines are still unbroken and the ice was still encountered, but I could be wrong. I’m interested in finding out.


Makes sense to me.

The UFAQ on NRDB says she gains counters even if the encounter ends by the ice being trashed, so it’s definitely not only when the ice is passed.


Got this update from ANCUR:

This likely means we do have to wait until either the UFAQ or FAQ.


Thanks for the clarifications on Slee and Bagbiter, @tvaduva and @Absotively!


Hello, quick question:
if there is Adjusted Chronotype installed and the runner does not spend 1 click before declaring entering discard phase, does it trigger Adjusted Chronotype after step 2.3 so effectively moving 1 click to his next turn?

This comes from consideration of official FAQ about Temple of the Liberated Mind.


I found the rule that runners are compelled to spend all their clicks. Still a very partial setup: if Liberated mind is installed and with 1 power counter and you use that counter at step 2.2 does Adjusted Chronotype trigger at 2.3 moving that click to your next turn?


Huh? I don’t see any interaction with Adjusted Chronotype and Temple of the Liberated mind.


Oh… now I understand what you mean… the thing is you gain the click in a step where you can’t take actions, so you “lose” that click, then adjusted fires…
Interesting, but I think the click you just won with Adjusted is lost aswell because you still gain it in the same turn ( in a phase where you can’t spend it)

Am I wrong?

EDIT: Yes I was wrong, unspent clicks are lost in 2.1, liberated temple is used in 2.3


I think the issue here is that with Temple of the Liberated Mind you don’t lose a click, you spend it. If Adjusted Chronotype triggered when you spent a click, you’d get an extra click every turn.


Does Rutherford Grid work with Drone Screen?

Rutherford Grid:
The base trace strength of each trace during a run on this server is increased by 2.
Limit 1 region per server.

Drone Screen:
If the Runner is tagged, Drone Screen gains “Whenever the Runner initiates a run on this server, Trace3– If successful, do 1 meat damage (cannot be prevented).”



The first time you pass a piece of ice each turn in which you used Inversificator to break all subroutines, you may swap that ice with another piece of ice.

Architects of Tomorrow

The first time the Runner passes a rezzed piece of bioroid ice each turn, you may rez a bioroid, lowering its rez cost by 4.

What happens if

  1. an unrezzed piece of ice is swapped in place of a Bioroid?
  2. a Bioroid is swapped for a Bioroid?

My interpretation is that for 1) the ID ability doesn’t work, and it will spend the trigger (similar to Femme vs Tollbooth) so another Bioroid passed won’t get you a discounted rez. For 2) I can’t think of a similar situation, but my gut says the end result is the same, no love for the ID. Any other takes?


Seems like it comes down to if a trigger off initiate is considered part of a run. I would rule yes, because initiation is listed as step 1 on the timing of the run chart. Maybe someone else has a better idea?