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Official Rules Question Thread


We’ve had a question in slack a few times recently, and I think we have an answer, but I want to make sure it is correct. I am using this timing chart as my reference.

Ambush ICE (e.g. Archangel, Sapper) timing:
A run is successful and has progressed to 5.5 when an Ambush ICE is accessed.

5.5.1 -> On access effects happen, Ambush ICE is revealed, triggering the run to immediately jump to step 3

3.1 happens normally, I don’t think there is any question about what happens here

3.2 any unbroken subroutines resolve, then the encounter ends

This is where the confusion comes in.

I am saying that the encounter ends at 3.2, and the on-access clause on the Ambush ICE has been satisfied, so we return the the access phase to 5.5.2. Others have suggested that we proceed to step 4, and the ICE is passed, which would allow cards like Inversicator or Prey to be used.

Can I get a clear confirmation that the access at 5.5.1 triggers step 3 through 3.2 only, and after 3.2 we return immediately to 5.5.2 without step 4?


From the new Forced Encounters section of FAQ 4.0, p. 7:

Forced Encounters
If an effect requires the Runner to encounter a piece of ice outside of the normal progression of a run, resolve steps 3 through 3.2 of the timing structure of the run, up through either the run ending or the ice being passed. After the encounter, if the run was not ended, return to the effect that caused the encounter and proceed from there.
(emphasis mine)

Since the section specifically mentions ice being passed, my guess is that there is a step 4 with forced encounters. But, the last sentence is troubling since it seems to say that after encountering (step 3) it goes back to access (and it specifically calls out steps 3-3.2). It seems like they missed incorporating the new step 4 they added with this FAQ.

So I sent a tweet to ANCUR (@jakodrako) :


ANCUR already replied confirming what I was thinking earlier:

There’s no difference in wording for the trigger that I can tell for Prey and Inversificator. I think the swap of an access ice and another ice probably makes it more complicated. But, I can’t see a rezzed/installed restriction in the Swap clarification (p. 4):

An exchange of two named things or groups of things (cards, counters, tokens, etc.). When they are swapped, both exchange places simultaneously. Any hosted items are trashed if the hosting card is uninstalled in the swap.

So the outcome is either really weird or it doesn’t work.


I agree, these are the two possible outcomes, and raises a few other questions e.g. swapping an Archangel from R&D with a rezzed Tollbooth, what happens? is the tollbooth in R&D at the same card position as the AA was as a face-down card, effectively derezzed? That makes the ‘most sense’ if the swap is legal, but it makes some new assumptions about these interactions.

@jakodrako did you have a chance to ask about this at Gencon?


New question:

Corp uses MCA Austerity Policy and uses the trash ability in the same turn. The Austerity policy is not longer installed at the start of the runner’s next turn.

Does the runner still lose a click when their turn begins?


I would say that is the same effect as Lakshmi Smartfabrics, isn’t it? it is still effective even if it is trashed, as it is a paid ability thas has been triggered and not a continuous and the game state “remembers” those.


Asked him on Twitter as well.


I don’t see how this is any different than any other card effect with a delayed resolution?

So this would be similar to Keyhole, Sneakdoor: Once an effect has started it is independent of its source. Sneakdoor and Keyhole effects remain even if Sneakdoor/Keyhole are trashed during the run.

Or did I miss some nuance in the wording that suggests otherwise?


Nope, I am happy with the answers on the MCA Austerity Policy. I was pretty sure it worked that way, but wanted to know a similar ruling (Lakshmi) to keep in my back pocket for when I get asked.

I think we should focus our efforts on understanding how Ambush ICE works, particularly what happens if Kit swaps Ambush ICE out of a central with installed (and rezzed) ICE installed protecting a server.


So does Aumakua triggers from archives?. Don’t see why wouldn’t but I played with a few people that stays the other way.


It gets a counter for accessing archives as long as you don’t steal any agendas and there’s at least one card there. Why wouldn’t it, i have no idea…?


Does Dummy Box protect itself? German translation is worded “… a other installed card…”. Normally I would say translation is wrong, but they fixed some FFG errors during translation like SYNC BRE.


Shameless bump to my old question:

I’ve seen @tvaduva’s answer that we do proceed to step 4, which suggests that Prey and Inversicator do work, but my remaining questions are:

  1. Why would I proceed beyond step 3.2, when the ICE only says the runner encounters this ICE, abd step 3.2 says the encounter ends?
  2. If ambush ICE is indeed passes, how does Inversicator work in this situation?


I can’t answer this, but I got the judge call at Nordics on this situation, Invers breaking accessed Archangel (I told the corp “do it, call the judege, dooooo eeeeeeet”). Judge said I can swap.

Not that it matters, since they made other calls that were not supported in rules/floor rules, even after I called the judge out on it, they went to the binder with all the docs to point at the paragraph showing that I was wrong and upon not finding it saying “BUT YOU HAVE TO DO WHAT I SAY”


Got an answer to question one in the same Twitter thread:

But, it looks like @jakodrako has been busy since GenCon, so we don’t have an answer to 2 yet. I asked for an update last week in the same Twitter thread. I would expect something after he gets done with the Crimson Dust UFAQ at this point.


A question that will no doubt gain renewed interest with Core 2.0.

Titan scores Project Atlas while Employee Strike is in play. My reading is that, at the time that the agenda is scored, Titan’s ability is inactive, so even though estrike gets wiped out, the trigger has been missed and it gets no counter. Is this accurate?




Yes, same why u can’t rfg an employee strike with scorpios when it gets trashed vy scoring an agenda.


Yes, unless Titan scores that Atlas via Plan B, then it’s runner’s turn and triggers are reversed :slight_smile:


No, I don’t think scoring it on the runner’s turn with Plan B would work. Titan’s ability still isn’t active when the trigger condition is met, so it doesn’t get to the “trigger met” state and therefore isn’t actually triggered.