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Official Rules Question Thread


As a spectator, if you witness the Runner not reveal a card that the Runner “must reveal” if accessed from R&D…what can/should you do?

With Medium and Jackson shuffle gone…there’s less of a chance that missing the “must reveal” trigger goes unnoticed by the Corp. But it can still happen. Can/should a spectator intervene on something like this when the opponent cannot know that it has happened? If so, what should they do?


If you are a spectator and not a judge, you shouldn’t say anything. It is the responsibility of the players to maintain legal game state and call judges as needed.

A spectator should not interfere with a game.


But if, as a spectator, you see a card that isn’t going to be revealed, you can say things like “Oh DAAAMN!” right? :yum:


If you are a spectator you can never interfere with the game. The most you can do is ask a judge to watch a game.

If you are a judge, you should say something.


Got it. Could you let the players know at the conclusion of the game (match?) and let them work it out with a judge afterward. Or is no spectator information allowed to influence the outcome?


You can talk to the players after the game, but it won’t change the recorded result of the match in any way.


Ok. Had a match at GenCon where the runner was on a huge medium dig. Eventually had to Jackson shuffle to get out of lock. Runner later won. After the match I was like, man I really thought you’d hit a Sapper on those digs. He said he did “see those”. I was like Doh! I didn’t make an issue of it cause we had already turned in the results and I was at the bottom anyway. Then not an hour later I was watching my 11 year old kid at the top table and literally the same thing was happening to him with Sapper access on a Medium dig and Jackson out. I spoke up and the runner was like “oh yeah, thanks!” But I guess I should’ve gotten a judge.

Thx for helping me figure it out. Pretty new to competitive gaming events.


Runner has Aumakua installed and runs into IP Block. On encounter, runner installs Paperclip from Heap and overwrites Aumakua to avoid tag. Correct play or is this one of those constant vs paid things that I still don’t get?


Constant abilities are constant in time. They do not contain references to ‘when’. From this we learn Paperclip and IP Block are both triggered, not constant abilities.

The triggered abilities meet their trigger condition when encountering IP Block. The runner resolves his first because it is her turn, and elects to install Paperclip, overwriting Aumakua. IP Block’s trigger condition has now resolves, but since there is no fracter installed, it does nothing.

Of critical reading is the Femme ruling, as it relates to bypassing Tollbooth and Data Raven.


Abagnale says (emphasis added):

(trash): Bypass a piece of code gate ice currently being encountered, even if it has strength greater than Abagnale.

Does that imply that this ability is usable at 3.1 in the run (when icebreakers are used)? Or does “currently being encountered” correspond to the same timing as Femme (the “when-encountered” condition at 3 in the run).

My reading is that it is a paid ability (the colon is a dead giveaway), not a triggered effect (on-encounter) with an associated cost, like Femme’s bypass ability. So, the only place it makes sense to be able to use it is 3.1, after on-encounter effects have resolved. So, you cannot use Abagnale to avoid the 3-credit tax from tollbooth, you can’t use lustig to avoid a data raven tag, and you can’t use demara to avoid an IP Block tag.

Is that right?

edit: and to be clear, if it was phrased like “When you encounter a code gate, you may trash Abagnale to bypass it,” it would work like Femme. It’s not, so it doesn’t.


That was my understanding but I have been hoping for confirmation of the same thing. Thank you very much for asking here!


See also the “When… If” vs “If… When” section of the FAQ.




I’m playing around with making flashcards for trickier bits of the rules. I’ve started with these for ability types.

Rules questions

  1. Did I make any rules mistakes in these?

  2. Where do abilities on events and operations fit into the paid/conditional/constant system? I’ve included the standard current and terminal abilities in this, because they seemed like the clearest examples for a constant ability with “until” and a conditional ability with “after.” But is that correct?

  3. What is the type of Imp’s second ability?

    Once per turn, you may remove 1 hosted virus counter to trash a card you access at no cost (even if it cannot normally be trashed).

    It doesn’t have “a preceding clause with one of the words when, whenever, before, after, or unless,” and it doesn’t have an ordinal event as a trigger condition, so that means constant, according to my reading of the FAQ. Is that right? If it is constant, why do ambushes resolve before it? Or am I misremembering that interaction?

Non-rules questions

Would anyone else find these useful? I won’t guarantee that I’ll get a lot of them done, and I certainly won’t be doing more this weekend, since we should be getting a shiny new Rules Reference Guide next week. If yes:

  1. Would you prefer if the flashcards for definitions and the ones for example abilities were in separate decks?

  2. Would you like the example constant abilities to also be marked as required or not?

  3. What areas of the rules would you most want flashcards for? Trigger steps? Paid ability windows?


I wish I could do more than :heart:️ this post!!

I am busy atm, but I can review when I have a chance if you’d like.


Yes, please do!


If I play Hedge Fund, then Consulting Visit with a Jeeves Model Bioroids rezzed, does Jeeves immediately give me an additional click to play a double such as Boom?


Is the rez cost increase from Reina permanent? For example:

  • If the corp rezzes Bastion and ends the run, does it now cost me 5 to use Rubicon?
  • If the effect persists, does it persist until next turn - next turn could I break that Bastion with Aghora?
  • If the effect persists, does it stack - if I derez the Bastion and it’s then re-rezed with Reina’s ability is the rez cost now 6?



It only applies when the corp rezzes the ice.


What happens when you use Levy AR Lab Acces with one or more copies of Respirocytes in play?
You draw from respirocytes after shuffling, then draw 5 cards from LARLA?
As it reads, seems similar to Order of Sol trigger, and with Order, you gain the credit just before resolving a card (like Sure Gamble), if that is the case… you draw just at the time your hand is about to be shuffled? but then there is no stack, so you can’t draw any cards…