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Official Rules Question Thread


I think you’re right that Respirocytes triggers with Levy AR Lab Access if it’s the first time you go down to 0 cards, just like Order of Sol during the resolution of Sure Gamble, since the wording is identical.

The wording on LARLA is:

Shuffle your grip and heap into your stack.

I don’t think you can break the shuffle down any further, and you would draw one card after the shuffle is complete. Then, draw 5 cards after for a grip of 6 cards at the end of the resolution. But, if LARLA is the last card in your grip, you would trigger to draw one card (if possible) then shuffle your whole grip and draw 5 and end up with 5 cards.


[quote=“tvaduva, post:4295, topic:1437, full:true”]… But, if LARLA is the last card in your grip, you would trigger to draw one card (if possible) then shuffle your whole grip and draw 5 and end up with 5 cards.

Excellent nuance!


2 quick questions I forgot about :

Q1 : The runner is facing PE. He’s about to steal Obokata, have 4 cards in hand, one of these would be I’ve Had Worse.
=> Will he be able to steal Obokata so pay 4 net, triggering IHW, then trigger PE ? Or PE triggers first ? Or Corp choose ?
(I think it’s a yes, but wouldn’t bet a game on that. Reasonning is paying effects happen before the effect of stealing. You pay 4 net, then trigger IHW, draw 3 because of the prevent “trigger” which is faster than anything, then steal, then check if gamewin or not, then trigger 1 net from PE)

Q2 : The runner is facing Skorpio and played Employee Strike.
=> Can Skorpio play a current or score an agenda so it trashes Employee Strike, then use Skorpio ability to RFTG that Employee Strike ?
(I think it’s a no, because when the corp trashed Employee Strike and that you could use Skorpio, ES was still in effect, but I can’t remember where I read that.)


A1: You are correct. The additional cost needs to be paid prior to stealing, which means IHW will always trigger before taking the PE net. I’m not sure of a related ruling that can be referenced to prove this one.

A2: Your understanding is correct, that ruling is listed here https://netrunnerdb.com/en/card/13041


Thank you !


Another question, I am unsure again :

  • the runner have 1 card installed, 0c left, 0 link and Chop Bot installed.
  • the corp played door to door.
  • this is the beginning of the runner’s turn.

Can the runner choose to let door to door trace fire first, then use chop bot to remove a tag ?

We played it like this yesterday, like they were paid abilities, I was the corp and am still unsure of that. We asked the question in the general chat of jinteki and people said chop bot shots first.


These are not paid abilites. Chop Bot first.


What happens to power/virus counters on runner cards when Apocalypse is played? I assume they are still on the face down card.




Question: Just to make sure I understand correctly, Breaker Bay is only useful in remote servers, because anything it might apply to (such as upgrades) in a central would be in the root and thus not “in” the central server. Correct? Hadn’t understood this properly until I saw the FAQ for Asa Group.




It’s still somewhat useable as a bluff on centrals. Especially R&D as a Crisium Grid.


How do multiple additional costs work? Here’s the scenario: Corp has Obokata and Ben, runner has Guru. AFAIK the two additional costs are resolved separately (4 cards with IHW and you can survive) and as Guru is mandatory, you can’t steal with one access. So the goal is to trash Guru by attempting to steal but to pay as little as possible in credits/net damage. Then run again to actually steal the agenda.

So: can you suffer (and prevent) Obokata’s 4 to trash Guru and decline the 2 from Ben or do you have to agree to pay all 6 or none of it?


From page 10 of the rules reference:


Yes. But suppose your opponent has a Xanadu and Aghora installed. Then you can use BBG to prevent him from breaking Archangel!


I know By Any Means “beats” a lot of things like Snare! and Archangel. What about Psychic Field? It’s unclear to me because Psychic Field doesn’t have “when” in its wording, which makes me think that maybe it’s not a triggered ability.


Psychic Field is indeed faster than BAM


A couple of quick clarifications/summaries related to Miraju and Inversificator:

Relevant Miraju text:

If the Runner breaks the printed subroutine on Mirāju, he or she is now running on Archives instead of passing Mirāju and approaches the outermost ice, if any. Derez Mirāju.

Relevant Inversificator text:

The first time you pass a piece of ice each turn in which you used Inversificator to break all subroutines, you may swap that ice with another piece of ice.

If you break the printed sub on Miraju with Inversificator, and it is the first ICE you have broken all subs with using Inversificator this turn:

  1. You get bounced to Archives during 3.1 (before you pass Miraju)
  2. You may not use inversificator to move the Miraju whose sub you just broke (since you did not pass it)
  3. Inversificator’s condition has not been met, so you can still use it this turn: the condition is a combination of “break all subs” and “pass the ICE,” and you did not pass the ICE.

Unlike the original CTM/Slums ruling, miraju’s effect doesn’t replace passing the ICE, so there is no ambiguity about whether the next time that you break subs and pass with inversificator is the “first time” that happened or not.

The last one is kind of controversial, would love some confirmation (or refutation) of that.


Miraju triggers during step 4 of the run, not step 3.1. The UFAQ explanation was:

This is correct, though it would be more precise to say that you cannot do it because thw trigger condition expired between the ability meeting its trigger condition and triggering.

As explained for point 2, Inversificator’s condition has been met, but Miraju replaced passing with moving to Archives before the Inversificator could resolve. This is where the Ordinal Events rule comes in. Even though the passing was replaced with moving to Archives, any future passing of an ice that you broke all subs on with Inversificator would by definition not be the first time this event has occurred. You will not be able to use Inversificator at all during that turn.


Am I right in thinking that if you break Miraju’s sub on a Spooned run, you get redirected to archives + the derez and then Miraju gets trashed? Or does Spooned fizzle because the derez means Miraju is no longer a code gate?