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Official Rules Question Thread


Based on the card text, I would say yes. Emphasis below is mine:

“Gain 2 the first time each turn the Runner plays or installs a card that has the type you last named this way.”

Career Fair:
Install a resource from your grip, lowering the install cost by 3.”

There’s still an install happening, so I believe Azmari should still trigger.


If you boost an icebreaker with Takobi with System Seizure active, does the icebreaker retain the increased +3 strength from Takobi, even though Takobi only allows it for the current encounter?

Assume for the purposes of argument this is the first run this turn and the first icebreaker whose strength is increased.


In addition to the card text supporting it, there’s precedent for abilities being triggered by both playing and installing through not-the-basic-action: Hayley can get a second install after she uses Career Fair, and an Employee Strike played through Same Old Thing still causes any Corp current to be trashed.


Yeah, I agree, just thought I’d check.


If I’m not mistaken Jacob already provided a ruling for this, saying System Seizure makes it keep its strength, on account of the fact that the “for the current encounter” phrase on Takobi is not a limitation, but just a redundant restatement of a basic rule of the game (that breakers only keep their strength for the current encounter).


Ah, you’re right. It’s a few posts above. Thanks!


I’m pretty sure the answer is “yes”, but I wanted to make sure:

Does Blacklist prevent the use/effect of Ark Lockdown?




A few questions about cards with cost X:

  1. For Angel Arena and Bug Out Bag, it is not at all clear to me why X tracks the actual install cost, rather than the chosen install cost before modifications. Aside, of course, from “two separate rulings have said it does.” Can someone explain it to me?

  2. I assume the same thing would apply to play costs of X when modified, for instance by Donut Tagines. Is this correct?

  3. What happens if a cost of X is ignored, for instance if I play Brute-Force-Hack using The Shadow Net?

  4. How do I start a petition requesting that future cards with this sort of effect be implemented more like Atman instead, when possible? I suppose the install cost of X does save a few words in the card text, but it seems to me that Atman’s effect is much, much clearer when cost modifications get involved.

  1. FAQ explains:

What happens if the Runner uses Eureka! to install Angel Arena?
If Angel Arena is installed using Eureka!, then the X value the Runner chooses to pay is lowered by 10. So if the Runner paid 0 credits he or she gets 0 power counters, because X was lowered from 10 to 0.
(FAQ 4.1, p. 17)

Basically, they can go two ways with it, the way you suggested and the way it works, and they made their choice. As far as I can tell, they’re reasoning is: reducing the X in the cost reduces the X in the card text. Both ways make some kind of sense, but I’m with you and would prefer to set the X and then apply modifiers that should not be considered in the card text.

  1. Yes, I believe that there was a BGG or twitter ruling from Lukas with a bunch of cost modifiers for Psychographics.
  2. Good question to get a UFAQ or FAQ answer. My guess is that it has no effect since X cannot be determined, which may mean that you may not even be able to play an X cost event since it doesn’t change the board state. But, I don’t know for sure.
  3. Sure, worth a try. But, I don’t think we would be able to influence templating much. Your best bet is to chime in when Jacob asks for examples of inconsistent or unintuitive rulings. That’s how the Caissa-Scheherazade ruling was reversed.


I too hate X. I do what I can in editing to make it go away. That’s all I can say really.


What about negative numbers? I still have an outstanding question to ANCUR about negative strength and Prey.

EDIT: Full details:

If ANCUR can’t answer definitively now, what are people’s thoughts?


It’s not that I hate X, exactly. The inspiration for the post was that the only question I got wrong on the Cascade Games rules test had to do with X, and I actually knew the right answer but then second guessed myself after reading the cards. So I was hoping someone would have an explanation that would explain why X changes in a way that would make more intuitive sense to me, so I’d be less likely to second guess myself on this in the future. But if that’s not to be, well, it’s hardly the only ruling I personally find a bit unintuitive. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it.

I am glad to hear that efforts to avoid X are made.

I’m still curious about ignored X, but I admit it’s probably not going to come up very often; Brute-Force-Hack or Bribery with The Shadow Net was the only example I could dredge up, and no one plays any of those cards much at the moment.


Dangit, now I have to play Shadow Net and BFH just to make people go ‘whaaa?’…

Seriously though, if those cards did combine favorably, that’d be a relatively powerful interaction…


My guess is that X is likely to be zero, sadly. In addition to the Angel Arena and Bug Out Bag rulings making X be whatever you actually paid, I think there’s a ruling somewhere that X is zero for RNG Key purposes, which I guess probably generalizes to any cost X that hasn’t actually been paid. I could be wrong, though, I can’t find the ruling at the moment. Single characters are hard to search for.

In the absence of all those rulings, my interpretation of the interaction would definitely be that it would do silly things.


I’m sure this has probably been asked in the past, but I have a couple questions related to Runner trash effects.

  1. If I have Sports Hopper and Aesop’s installed and trash Sports Hopper at the beginning of my turn do I get the three card draw effect?

  2. If I have Sports Hopper and Chop Bot installed and trash Sports Hopper at the beginning of my turn do I get the three card draw effect?

  3. If I have Sports Hopper and Heartbeat installed and trash Sports Hopper to prevent a damage do I get the three card draw effect?

I could not find any reference to the synergy between these cards through googling, so any help would be appreciated. I’m trying to flesh out some cards on an Apex deck. Thanks.


No; The trash symbol on Sports Hopper specifically means you must use that ability to get the effect of ‘Draw 3 cards’.

Compare Harbinger, which has an effect upon being trashed.


To use an ability, you must pay its cost. For Sports Hopper’s ability, trashing Sports Hopper is the cost. If it’s trashed in some other way, that doesn’t pay the cost.

I think looking at how non-trashing costs work might help clear this up. For example, to use Gordian Blade’s gain strength ability, you must pay the cost of one credit. If you pay credits for something else, such as because you hit Tollbooth, they don’t also pay the cost of the ability on Gordian Blade. The same distinction applies to trashing as a cost. If you trash Sports Hopper to pay for the ability on Aesop’s or Chop Bot or Heartbeat, it doesn’t also pay for the ability on Sports Hopper.


Ok thank you for the clarification. One more related question, do the credits generated by Tech Trader trigger off any trash ability (Aesop’s, Chop Bot, Heartbeat) or only cards with the trash symbol?


Only cards with the trash symbol that are also getting trashed specifically by using that ability.