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Official Rules Question Thread

(I think it would be nice if we could have a single thread for rules questions rather than having to make a new one for every question

edit: this is good)

I’ve been trying to understand how Security Testing interacts with some other cards, but I haven’t been able to Google. it. So:

What happens if I get into HQ for the first time in a turn with an Account Siphon? I know that with two simultaneous effects you can choose which one happens first so I had thought that you got to choose whether to replace the access with Security Testing or with Siphon, but the recently posted Toronto Regionals report said that you can’t. Is that because Security Testing is mandatory whereas Siphon is optional? Or does the report just have it wrong?

I am also not sure how Security Testing interacts with Sneakdoor Beta, but I am going to hold off on asking those questions until I learn how and why it interacts with Account Siphon.


Because Security Testing doesn’t let you choose, it works like a “cannot”. You cannot access cards in the server on the security testing run. And if you can’t access, you cannot choose to “not access” for siphon.

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What about Sneakdoor Beta (with Security Testing on archives)? They are both mandatory effects and therefore you get to choose which one to use? Also: suppose I Security Testing archives, use Sneakdoor and choose its effect over Security Testing, and then run archives - does Security Testing activate or did the Sneakdoor run count as a successful run on archives and I access archives instead?

I believe Sneakdoor would trigger and Security Testing would not trigger. So, the second run on archives would be a Security Testing run.

If Security Testing triggered “after passing the last piece of ICE” then that would be a different story. However, when you initiate a Sneakdoor run, it is no longer a successful run on archives, which is needed to trigger Security Testing.

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Here is another line of reasoning:

Sneakdoor Beta says “Make a run on Archives. If successful…”, so if you make a successful Sneakdoor run then you have made a successful run on archives this turn (even though it is now being treated as a successful run on HQ). Thus Security Testing will not trigger on the following archives run, since you have already made a successful run on that server that turn.

My guess is that Lukas would not go with this line of reasoning (and so Security Testing would still trigger on the archives run), but I want to ask him to confirm except that I don’t use twitter :<

Except the follow-up text reads that it is instead treated as hq, which would mean there was no successful run on archives, and the security testing would be active. For an example, notoriety only counts a sneakdoor run as hq, not both

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Ah, the Sneakdoor / Notoriety interaction definitely seems equivalent to me.

Thanks, you guys :smiley:

From the latest FAQ:

If Security Testing is used on HQ and the Runner plays an
Account Siphon, can he choose which replacement effect to use?

Yes. Both of the cards have the same trigger condition, so the
Runner can choose the order that they resolve in (and thus
which one is used).



Suppose I have a Corporate Troubleshooter in a remote protected by a rezzed Quandry. If the runner plays Account Siphon, can I use the Troubleshooter to boost the Quandry’s strength (in order to prevent the runner from gaining Siphon credits)? My reading of the rules is that I can, but I wanted to verify that that’s correct because it seems a little odd.

Nope. It only affects that server. If it was in HQ, of course, you could.

Hm the card doesn’t actually say so… I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the question

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From how I read the card, it would need a pretty weird ruling to find justification for the “No, you can’t” line of argument. It’s not like you’re rezzing a piece of ICE that isn’t being run or anything.

If there’s a “rez cards” window followed by a “paid abilities” window that you can use, why not?


Hm. I misunderstood. I was reading it as “can I use the troubleshooter to protect HQ from being accessed” which is very different, and totally my fault for misunderstanding (one of those things where SEEING it I’d’ve been fine, but reading it screwed me up, sorry!).

Yeah, you can use any paid ability in that window, I think. There’s no connection between Troubleshooter and a run, just the turn as a whole, so I’d assume you definitely could trigger Troubleshooter to make sure they make no money on the attempt, so long as there’s a valid target for it…

I haven’t been able to figure this out and the link to ask questions directly to Lukas Litzinger is apparently long gone…

How do Bad Times and Deep Red interact together? For example, if the runner has 3 non-Caïssa programs and no other source of MU, do they have to trash something?

I imagine that they can choose the order in which their MU is lost, or that unused MU is lost before used MU. Otherwise Deep Red becomes much, much worse (and Bad Times much better, to be fair).

I’ve had success with asking a question on twitter to “@RukasuFox

That’s definitely a clarification that we’ll need at some point.

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Right. I believe one can lose the Deep Red MU first.

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I’m not on Twitter, though.



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So, here’s something that’s been giving me some trouble.

You must steal an Agenda if the Agenda doesn’t have an additional cost, right? If it does, I know you can Imp it, there’s a timing window that (I think?) isn’t there otherwise.

What about with Demo Run? Can you trash an agenda you’d have to score otherwise? Is it possible to do that with Imp, too? Rare you’d want to, with recursion and all, but… it’d be an easy way around Red Herrings or Strongbox, wouldn’t it?